One of the shaktipeethas (places of worship where the body parts of the goddess Sati fell), is the Chintpurni Temple located about 50 miles [80 km] from Dharamsala. The supreme deity is Goddess Chintpurni, who is said to remove troubles, and is represented by the pindi (circular goddess). Legend has it that when Lord Vishnu cut the body of Maa Sati in 51 parts to end King Shiva’s dance of the destruction of the earth, the pieces were scattered in different parts of India. Considered one of the most important of the 51 shaktipeethas, it is believed that the head of the goddess Shakti fell to Chintpurni.

The Chintpurni Devi Temple is visited by devotees from all over India, who come to pray at the Lotus feet of Mata Chhinnamastika Devi. Puranic traditions say that Chinnamnamastika Devi is protected by Rudra Mahadev or Lord Shiva on all four sides. At the same distance from Chintpurni stands four Shiva temples, Muchkund Mahadev in the north, Shiva Bari in the south, Kaleshwar Mahadev in the east and Narayna Mahadev in the west. The temple remains open between 4 a.m. and 11 p.m.

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