However, humans are born with 6 sense but none are born with civic sense. Callousness and irresponsibility seem to be the order of the day. Its high time that we inculcate strong civic sense in your young generation.

CIVIC simply means social ethics. It reflects personality and responsibility of an individual and shows who the real person is. It is consideration by the people for the unspoken norms of society. Its not only about keeping roads or streets clean. Its more than that. It is abiding with the laws, respecting fellow human being and also maintaining a sort of decorum in the public.

But unfortunately, these days we lack basic civic sense. Modern lifestyle has given birth to different and uncivilized individuals who lack the basic moral behavior. The society is no longer etched with the goodness of people instead people are driven with their own selfishness and individual needs.


If basic civic sense is absent in the society it leads to a lot of problems and to avoid these problems civic sense is necessary. It is important because people with high civic sense does not resort to unethical tactics and shortcuts. Civic sense leads to a more cleaner and fresh environment and also results in a high hygienic society. Civic sense leads you to be more social, mature and unbiased when it comes to situations in public.


Why is there a sense of detachment from the society? Why a person is always self centered? What are the factors that causes Separatism, vandalism, intolerance and racism? Why are people less tolerant now a days? The answer to all these questions are simple and its due to LACK OF CIVIC SENSE.


Its high time that we inculcate civic sense. We can do so by inculcating young minds about the importance of civil sense at a very young age. Civic education should be made mandatory in school. One can also spread awareness about civic sense through rallies, educational programs, medias etc. Strict laws must be enforced. Penalties and stricter punishment’s should be considered if violated.

All these adds up to the society. If all these are followed properly and if people get to know the importance of civic sense then society will be a better place to live.

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