Comparing Writing forms of two Indian Writers- Twinkle Khanna and Dr. Shashi Tharoor

Twinkle Khanna has disarmed the audience with her thought- provoking writing and her charming wit. She is a popular newspaper columnist, Indian author, interior designer, film producer and a former Bollywood actress. She writes columns in The Times of India and Daily News Analysis (DNA), her discernible writing skills and her liberal opinions have captured the attention of her readers. Her craft of penning down funny fables and satirical writing has set her apart. She firmly believes that in life nothing is more sacred than laughter.

  • She writes anecdotes about everyday situations that a woman has to go through. The situations are mundane yet significant incidents in life. Her columns are random, though interesting, slice of life entries, adds life to her words through her self-deprecatory humour and unmatched wit with bits and pieces of life- learnings.
  • Her Popular works include – Mrs.Funnybones, Pyjamas are forgiving, The Legend of Laxmi Prasad
  • Her style of writing can be described as discernible, easy to read and has a smooth way of expressing herself through her writings. If a person is not an adamant reader, they will still be able to understand the picture that she is framing through her writings. Her flow of words is effortless.

 She deals with a wide range of topics from focusing on women empowerment, mental health and normalizing finding love at the age of sixty to WhatsApp forwards and her staff members being a menace to her. She masterfully manages to never belittle a problem or the issue and never diminishes their relevance in any way. Through her columns she can give words to your thoughts. Her columns are an amalgamation of intelligence, sarcasm, practicality and adulation.

  • Her choice of words is interesting, mostly uses expressive adjectives which intensifies her anecdotes. Includes – details that are distinctive, uses similes in her work which adds humor in situations and uses satire and irony which conveys absurdity and silliness of people, situations and things.
  • Her tone is joyful, sarcastic and cheerful.
  • Mood – she is comical, humorous and maddening.
Twinkle Khanna is ready with her third book and it is all about 'pyjama  girls' | Lifestyle News,The Indian Express

Dr. Shashi Tharoor is a best-selling author, columnist and a politician. He is currently member of parliament of Thiruvananthapuram. He has also served as a peacemaker and an administrator in the United Nations for over three decades. He certainly did not let his political career stop his pen. He is known to be the man of having many skills. Over the years he has made a reputation of an impactful orator and a prolific writer.

  • His popular work includes- The paradoxical prime minister, An era of darkness: The British Empire in India, Why I am a Hindu
  • He writes about politics and topical issues of caste system, society, democracy, foreign policy, patriotism, citizenship, nationalism and modern India. He chooses an immersive narrative for all his books and columns. His way of writing exhibits the qualities of good research and personal knowledge which gives a different and a new perspective to readers.

Readers who are looking for a refined viewpoint on the current events that unfold in our country’s political system must read his work. His ability to include the application of critical analysis creates better understanding of important matters that the country is facing or has faced.

  • He is known for having an inimitable style of writing. He has an extensive vocabulary and many people cannot perceive his work easily and often call it obscure in a way. His books are not an easy read and takes a time and efforts to understand vast concepts, debates, history and terminologies that he includes in his columns.
  • His choice of words is complex and informative. His work is recognized for brilliancy in the usage of satire to deliver serious messages. In his columns he has shown that a strong and thoughtful argument can be presented in a humorous way to prevent monotonousness, yet he manages to deliver the required message. By inculcating satire in his work, he candidly expresses himself.
  • His tone is firm, serious and formal.
  • Mood – critical and humorous  

The similarities in their work are that both have chosen topics that are relevant in our country. They both have strong stands and a sense of individuality which sets them apart in their felid of work. They are not hesitant to candidly express themselves and explain their point of views to the readers. Both have an interesting way to put across their messages. There writings include a few scathing statements but are thought-provoking and will entice the readers.

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