Corruption Unlimited

India has the dubious distinction of being one of the top ten corrupt countries of the world. The malaise is too deep and wide to be eradicated so much so that common people have become despondent to the point of apthy. India has become a country of scams, scandals, corruption, graft and gratification.

Bribery, gratification, illegal donations, kickbacks etc are now the order of the day. They have become endemic part and parcel of our life. Go to any department, ministry, office, school, college, police station law court, hospital or any any other place of work you can think of, you will find corruption ubiquitous. Even accident victims are not spared. People involved in train or plane accidents are robbed and plundered in very tragic and helpless conditions even by those who are supposed to be honest, helping and defender of the law and order. Can there be more degrading situation than this? Sometimes it looks as if the situation has reached the point of no return but then the inner conscience says “no” and urges to fight it.

Corruption has been eating into our vitals in spite of moral teachings, exhortations, slogans and learned lectures from the political platforms against the corrupt. No corrupt person has been hanged so far. The mills of law are too slow to grind and punish these political goons. It may take years even to take cognizance of corrupt practices, let alone punishing corrupt persons in top slots. Even our judiciary is not free from the malaise. Many a time a finger has been raised towards people sitting in the judgement.

Corruption percolates from above and gradually reaches all the lower levels of the society and administration. There is collusion and nexus between antisocial elements, mafias, criminals and politicians in power. There is no limit to hawalas, money laundering and a parallel economy exists there with their blessings. The criminals and the culprits are ruling the roost because of their high connections, contacts and money and muscle power. The long arm of corruption reaches everywhere. Neither politics, nor religion, nor elections, nor judiciary is beyond its reach. Dacoits and history sheeters are sitting in the Parliamentary and legislatures. Time has come when the people should wage a relentless war and crusade against corruption and corrupt practices. It is now or never.

The Prime Minister has given a clarion call to end this menace of corruption. Like him, all other honest Indian citizens, officials and workers hang their heads with shame. The Lok Pall Bill should be introduced in the Parliament at the earliest. There should be exemplary punishment for officers, ministers and all others who practice corruption. None should be spared, not even the highest. There should be transparency in decision making and implementation of policies. There should be one window clearance in big and vital contracts and licenses. There should be accountability and responsibility for all the actions and decisions. Right to information should find place among fundamental rights. Nepotism, red tapism, favouritism etc should be dealt with an iron hand. There should be no judicial hesitation, delay and procrastination in meeting out the due punishment to the corrupt. None can be above the law of the law of the land . There can be special courts to try the corrupt in the minimum possible time. The mills of justice should grind fine and fast too. Public should be aroused against the corrupt so that the people in authority do not become law in themselves and hold the country to ransom by their corrupt, selfish and narrow minded practices. This is the only way to have responsive government and clean leadership.

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