Creativity Is A Process , Not An Event

In 1666, one of the most influential scientists in history was strolling through a garden when he was struck with flash of creative brilliance that would a change the world. While standing under the shade of apple tree, Sir Issac Newton saw an apple tree fall to the ground . “Why should that apple always descend perpendicularly to the ground”, Newton wondered . “Why should it not go sideways , or upwards , but constantly to earths center? Assuredly the reason is, that the earth draws it. there must be a drawing power in matter “. And thus the concept of gravity was born . The story of falling apple has become one of the lasting and iconic examples of creative moment. It is a symbol of the inspired genius that fills your during those ” eureka moments” when creative conditions are just right. What most people forget, however , is that newton worked on his ideas about gravity for nearly twenty years until, in 1687 , he published his groundbreaking book , “THE PRINCIPIA: MATHEMATICAL PRICIPLES OF NATURAL PHILOSOPHY.” The falling apple was merely the beginning of a train of thought that continued for decades .

Creative thinking requires our brains to make connections between seemingly unrelated ideas.

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