Cyber Bullying is the act of bullying people in form of social media or devices. It is a modern term for bullying, which emerged with the rise of internet and mobile devices. Cyberbullying takes place on digital devices like cell phones, computers, and tablets. It can take the form of texts through SMSs, online chat forums, social networking sites and gaming forums. Acts such as posting, sending or sharing negative content that is harmful, mean or obscene, defines cyberbullying. Cyber bullying can take place in the form of some illegal physical activities and unlawful behaviour.

How Cyber bullying begins:

In this technology dominating world not only teenagers, but adults also addicted in the use f electronic devices and the internet.  Internet which connected the whole world and individual across the continents. Cyber bullying starts in virtual world and the cyberbullies enjoy the anonymity and the infinite reach of the internet to prey on unsuspecting and potential victims.

Effects of Cyberbullying:

1.Mental and Physical Effects: Cyberbullying can result in increased distress for the victims along with increased anger and frustration. They will vent this out on various occasions, and it might force them to get addicted to the virtual world where they can have several identities to hide their real one.

2.Feel Alone and Isolated: Most of the victims are forced to stay away from any and all social sites in a bid to escape the cyberbullies. They separate themselves to feel a sense of protection form the outer world. Most of the victims do not reveal anything to their parents or family members to disappoint them. To escape the bullies, they may try to change their schools or home, but they are hardly able to escape the clutches of the tormentors.

3.Disinterested in attending school: If a schoolmate bullies a  kid, then the first way for him to avoid the bullying is to stop going to school. He/she would choose to skip classes to escape the tormentors temporarily. The feeling of embarrassment and humiliation from the fellow students will prevent the kid to return to school and have a healthy school life. Their grades will start dropping, and most of the time they will drop out.

4.Victims might get ill: Apart from the usual mental health and physical effects, it can cause toll on the health of the victim. Symptoms like headaches and stomach problems. Are very often seen in victims.

Prevent Cyber Bullying:

1.Indentify Victims: Identifying victims will be difficult if they are introvert in nature but every victims leaves off some prominent clues to their condition and their troubles. If they seem to be depressed all the time or are usually anxious and angry, then it may signal that they are going through some form of bullying.

2.Steps to be taken as a country and laws necessary: Laws against cyberbullying have been in place for quite some time though they were introduced after many such cases were highlighted. The rules are designed to protect the victim and keep the case information confidential.

Cyberbullying is a serious issue, and it can be truly horrific to go through such a difficult period. Staying strong and fighting back is the only option against these bullies. It’s possible to get over it and live your life again.

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