Debate against Evolution

Yes, I know that Evolution is a world wide accepted topic but these points always about makes me doubt whether evolution is real or not

I want to first start by saying that evolution is a hypothesis made by charles darwin. In the late 18th century, naturalist George Louis Leclerc suggested that life on Earth was 75,000 years old and that men had descended from apes. Another step in evolution theory was taken by Erasmus Darwin, Charles Darwin’s grandfather, who said the Earth was millions of years old and that species did evolve, even if he could not explain how. When charles darwin had introduced this topic any information about where we had come was unknown so people believed darwins theory very easily and did not contradict it. the scientists dint even bother to verify the theory until now.

The greatest claim that i can introduce is that evolution has never been observed. Now people will say that we have never see god so how do we know god exists but the truth is that we just assume god to exist there is no proof just like evolution. As for fossils people just find the fossils of different animals and they are so desperate to find a relation they connect different fossils and call it evolution.

Everyone says that we have evolved from apes but where is the proof a couple of fossils of apes and humans proves nothing like that we can say we have evolved from mice after all they are 98% similar to men and apes are also similar around the same percentage.Creationists claim that evolution relies on certain types of evidence that do not give reliable information about the past.

A common objection to evolution is that it is simply too unlikely for life, in its complexity and apparent “design”, to have arisen “by chance”. It is argued that the odds of life having arisen without a deliberate intelligence guiding it are so astronomically low that it is unreasonable not to infer an intelligent designer from the natural world, Even darwin had realised that there are so many questions that could come up about his theory infact when the question about how such a complex organ like eye could be developed one scientist due to lack of proof had said that the eye was designed by god.

Also if we really come from apes then why are other apes alive around the world why dont they become human as well?

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