Development in the technology sector - a boon or a bane

Development in the technology sector is increasing day by day , now people can hear what other people are saying and can track their location without the other person being aware of it. In my opinion though their are many disadvantages of this development the advantages overweigh them.

To embark on , sometimes people misuse the opportunities given to them. Nowadays the technology that was developed for the betterment of the society is being used for wrong purpose by many people. With the help of security camera many people record other people and misuse the videos. many people now hack into the cell phones of other people and steal their personal details. For an instance a person hacked into my uncle’s phone and stolen his credit card details and used them. Therefore the people with the help of improved facilities indulge into malpractices. Hence, making the development a disadvantage.

However, the benefits of these developments are so many that the disadvantages get overshadowed. The police has benefited a lot with the help of security cameras , it has become easier to find the criminals. Now people can track the location of their family members and can keep them safe. Now the cyber police can easily track a persons phone and find him. For example a person stole my friend’s phone while she was walking on the road with the help of a certain application the officials were able to find the robbers. Therefore development can be beneficial if used in a proper manner.

To encapsulate everything has its own benefits and repercussions it is on the people how they seize an opportunity and use it whether to do good or to do wrong things with the help provided to them.

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