DIGITAL MARKETING is a part of marketing that is done by using internet and online based digital media such as mobile, laptops, computers, and other digital media platforms to promote goods and services. During 1990s and 2000s digital marketing made a huge difference for the brands and businesses for promotion of their products and services. In the era of 21st century the digital platforms have indulged into all marketing plans and everyday life. Many people use digital devices instead of visiting the places or shops physically, digital marketing has become a new trend in today’s world. With the use of digital marketing, it helps to connect the brand with potential customer.

POV, if marketing campaign contains digital communication, it is DIGITAL MARKETING.



Website marketing is a master of all digital marketing activities. Beside this it is consider as one of the most dynamic way of marketing. The objective is to pull off the attention of people who may be interested in product or services of a company. More the traffic to a site more the opportunities for company to put the value proposition toward the potential customer. A website should represent a brand, product, or service in a crystal-clear way. It should be swift, easy to use and mobile friendly.


PPC is paying when every time a person clicks on the ad posted by you on the digital flatform. Marketer can setup their PPC campaign on Google, Bing, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Facebook any many more to display the ad to potential customer who are in search of similar term linked with product and services. Campaign under PPC can segment users according to their demographic attribute (like age or gender) or even can target specific interest or location.


The objective of content marketer is to reach the potential customer through the use of content. Website in which content are posted and then promotion is done through social media, email marketing, SEO, or even PPC campaigns.

Bolgs, ebook, podcaste and webinar are the tools of content marketing.


One of best effective marketing channel is also an email marketing. Email marketing one of method to get in touch with the potential customer or the people interested your brand. Digital marketers use email to add their leads in the email and then through email marketing, they produce customer acquisition funnels and then convert these leads into customer.


It is process of creating brand awareness by engaging people in online discussion Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are most popular flatform for social media marketing.


One of the oldest forms of marketing is affiliate marketing. And the internet has brought a new life to this old form of marketing. Through affiliate marketing influencer promote products of other people and get commission when every sale is made or when a lead is generated.


It is a process of enhancing the quality and quantity of website traffic for a website or web page. SEO particularly concentrate on unpaid traffic (organic marketing) rather than paid or direct traffic.

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