Dinnerware Patterns

Planning on throwing a big dinner party? Or just having some guests over for the night? Either way, we know what you are looking for. Are you looking for something innovative to do to impress your friends? We got you.

A big party means you need to take out your stock of dinner sets you have hidden in that cabinet. Yes, you read it right. Go on, take them out and think about how to decorate the dining table for the night. Maybe we can help you there. We will show you how to mix and match dinnerware for your party. But what else are you thinking? Flowers? Accessories for the table? Fancy table mats? Or candles maybe? That is nice but what about your precious dinnerware waiting to be showcased. Come on, let’s see what you need to do.

Why Mix and Match?

If you want to throw a big party., you will need a good amount of the same dinner sets. About 20 to 30 plates of the same design with the spoons and bowls too will be needed. No one is that stupid to buy these many dishes of the same design. So what you want is to mix and match your dinner sets to make your table look presentable and great.

How to Mix and Match Dinnerware?

It depends on how you want your table to look. Do you want a bright cheery mood? Or do you prefer a more classic look? Whatever you want, we are here to help you.

Either you decide to order takeout or cook your best dish, it’s always nice to make your table presentable. It sets the right mood for the dinner party. Let us find out how you can make the table a feast for your eyes.

  • Start with deciding a color scheme – The most important thing to keep in mind while setting the table is to devise a color scheme. The base color for the dinner sets. We recommend it to be a plain color. You can take it as bright red large plates with plain white side plates and add some golden metal spoons and forks. Or you can go with a dull color like brown or maybe royal blue with a contrast of silver would be nice.
  • Consider the mood of the gathering – You want to set the mood right for the party. Decide whether you want a formal gathering or a fun friends’ night out. For a formal dinner, you might want to seem classy then put some flowers and candles on the table.
  • Include different items – Your table will look good if it has some different fun items. They may be stemmed glasses for drinks or big fancy soup bowls. Adding napkins going with the color scheme might be a good addition. Set different sizes of spoons for starters and meals.
  • Metals shine bright – Metals make a good addition to the table. They add a bit of sparkle to the setting. There are no restrictions if you want to add some silver, gold, or bronze spoons and forks. They add to the charm of your dining table.
  • Add shapes and textures – Setting your table with different shapes of dishes would be nice and fun. Add two different shapes of glasses for drinks and water. Be bold and imaginative when adding patterns to the set. If a color doesn’t suit your mood then maybe go for more textured plates and dishes. Consider a floral pattern of plates with plain side plates which go with golden spoons.
  • A sense of nature – Bring in some natural materials and add one bright color like blue with classic white plates. Spice it up by giving it a traditional and classy look. Add some flowers too in the vase.
  • Consistency is the key – You need to be consistent. Whatever you selected at the starting, keep it up till the end. Whatever color or pattern you want make it consistent for every seat. Whether it is the color scheme, the flowers, table mats, or the water glasses, try to keep all the items consistent throughout the table. Even if your table is mismatched but is consistent, it will definitely look perfect.
  • Crisp and colorful – You want it to be a cheerful picnic dinner then you can go with solid colors lining your table. Mix it with a contrasting color to make it look colorful and complete. Maybe add some small pattern with the side plates or the glasses.

Some Other Things to Keep in Mind

There are some other different things to keep in mind while setting your table for the big night. We told you all about what to do, now let’s come to what not to do. Some tips for you not to do are mentioned below:

  1. Do not exaggerate the number of items on the table. Keep them less but enough for using easily.
  2. Do not go too bold with the color scheme. You don’t want a simple dinner party to look like a royal dinner, do you?
  3. Try to add patterns but not many. Stick to only one or two patterns.
  4. You can set each seat with different settings but try to keep the color scheme the same throughout the table to ensure consistency.
  5. If you plan on keeping flowers and candles on the table, keep them at a distance from each other. Keep only two vases and three candles for a small table. For a much longer table, keep four vases with five or six candles only.
  6. Keep your focus on decorating the table with your dinnerware and not just the other accessories. Bear in mind to keep the dinner sets the main attraction of the table.

Go ahead enjoy your party now. We told you everything you need to know to host an amazing dinner. Hope you got your answer on how to mix and match dinnerware. Set your table with your creativity and sense of design and woo your guests with beauty on the table. Don’t forget to invite us!

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