Dirty Queen

When the cool wind gently kissed the trees ,they didn’t make any noise and there was a moon shining bright in that silence.

Everyday you have your different version ,you might be changing constantly but my love towards you will never change even in your absence.

Everyone is like you, created by imperfections. We all have our dark side which we never want to show it to anyone rather shine like you in that darkness. You never try to attract others but we have been influenced by your beautiful nature.

When all others have fear of darkness you stay in it and make us shine. When all others have fear to enter into the ocean you enter into it, which shows that you are powerful.

We have always been fascinated by your massive look that illuminates us at dark night. The only thing which makes me sad is , I don’t know why do you move away 3.8 centimetres from me every year?

Since you are so very beautiful ,no other mirror can hold your beauty other than ocean. The sun dies at every night to make you birth and you die at every morning to make sun birth.

Ten years ago, the moon was an inspiration to poets and an opportunity for loves. Ten years from now, it will be just another airport.

You look beautiful to those who seek beauty . Sometimes I wonder who are you to me? We always watch me like God,you never leave me like a loyal companion ,you are the one with whom I share everything like a friend.

You look at many beautiful things in this dark night but we all see only one beautiful thing and that is you.

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