Drug Abuse.

Drug abuse is referred to the excessive use of psychoactive substances such as alcohol, stimulant, pain reliever etc in the amount that is detrimental to the physical, social as well as emotional well being of an individual. Case of drug abuse is increasing at an alarming rate among teenagers and adults under the age of 30 that affect people all across the globe and from all walks of life. In the United States, the annual death rate due to drug abuse is much more than the road traffic accidents and gunshots combined. Nearly 8% of the States population are trapped in this vicious cycle due to the majority of reasons, considering it as an easiest escape. Overuse of drugs not only affects the brain cells but also do heavy damage to the heart, nerves, limbs etc that often leads to seizure and paralysis, shutting the entire body followed by death eventually.

Cause of Drug abuse.

There are several reasons behind drug abuse among which the common causes are listed below.

  • Many people develop drug problems due to mental conditions such as depression, stress disorder, anxiety and other mental illness.
  • Low self-esteem, peer pressure of society, and a chaotic lifestyle are also common reasons.
  • At times, people try certain substances out of excitement that turns into a habit in no time because of its highly addictive nature.
  • Sometimes, prescribed medication usually barbiturates turned into drug addiction and cause serious health problems.

Apart from the aforesaid reason, there can be multiple reasons that lead to such substance abuse.

Types of Drugs:

  • Depressants: It is the most commonly used drug worldwide that works by suppressing the central nervous system and gives momentarily happiness while under the influence. Usage of such dopes develops various symptoms such as sleep, relaxation, drowsiness, anaesthesia, coma and even death.
  • Stimulant: Stimulants are class of drug that creates a sense of euphoria by making body alert and extra awake. It speeds up the brain’s receptive capacity that often leads to a panic attack, anxiety, seizures, aggression and paranoia when used in excess amounts.
  • Hallucinogenic: These are a diverse group of drugs that creates a hallucination and sensations leads to seeing things that seems real due to brain malfunction. People often use such pills to deal with stress or just to feel differently. Commonly used hallucinogenic drugs are LSD, Peyote, DMT etc.

There are millions of different variety of drugs available in the developing and developed world apart from these wide range of drugs mentioned above, that entraps countless youngsters every other day. Uprooting such menace isn’t as easy as we assume because of the withdrawal syndrome that is linked with it. That is why it is absolutely necessary to build up rehabilitation centres and promote drug education at the socio-economic strata.

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