Electrical world: How Electricity changes the way and view of human society


Electricity which is used as a power resource or fuel from years is now showing us a picture of a world where literally everything is based upon electricity and its effects, And it’s not wrong to say that this picture is starts taking shape from many small companies to unicorn startup everyone is in race of electrical era which is quite good, and also challenging because its not initially easy to for us to adapt this change and meet such a  tremendous consumption of electricity but some of the companies are already shows us the revolutionary projects which blows up our hearts like, Tesla.

I think every body is aware of the revolution the it regains in the world of electricity TESLA is one the leading company that has made very successful electrical cars for long range distances with some modern technology and features. And this is not only up to the electrical cars which leads us to the second example there are companies  that works on the electrical drones which is also a major part of todays world. Similarly there are a number of companies which take the uses of electricity beyond the levels.


If we thing about the world where we see our future in electricity then it is also very important to look some of the futuristic way for the production of electricity. So to meet a good consumption of electricity we cannot rely on the few way of its production that’s why many scientists from the various parts of world are trying to discover some new and advance methods to produce electricity but as per the rising number of humans in the world the production is not only the way to meet the consumption bar, the another and the most important thing is humans have to make a mindset to conserve the electricity, And we have to do this from today not only for us but also for the upcoming humans society, because the process of saving the energy is much cheaper and easier rather process it .


There are a number of advantages of such a electrical future, first we use most of the vehicle and machines which are pollution free which is  not good for us but also for our society , if we talk about electrical cars than, electric cars run on electrically powered engines, and hence there is no need to lubricate the engines, anything related to the combustion engine or a ton of maintenance tasks that are usually associated with a gas engine. And if we look at some other machines which plays an important role in your life such as satellite which helps us to collect basic to advance data may also contain hybrid engines which uses electricity to run and for that we use the solar power, which is also a example that electrical energy and easier to interchange with other source of energy.


Although the evidence of the positives has become very clear, there are also some downsides that needs to consider so if we talk in case of electrical cars than some most possible disadvantages are:-

1.Recharge Points

2. Electric fueling stations are still in the development stages. Not a lot of places you go to on a daily basis will have electric fueling stations for your vehicle, meaning that if you’re on a long trip or decide to visit family in a rural area and run out of charge, it may be harder to find a charging station. You may be stuck where you are.

However, until charging stations are more widespread, be sure to have a charging station maps where you live and where you frequently go so that you’ll be able to charge your new EV when you need to.

3. If we move to such a world where we fully depend upon electricity then a short power cut can send us in trouble. People have to face difficulties in the areas who suffering from lack of electric power. So whatever the future is we have to remember a think that in the race or era where technology in its peak we also have to save this planet for upcoming generations.

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