Empathetic Postion in my life.

The subject of Empathy is something that I heard throughout my life and had a general understanding of what it was, but definitely one of those things that you things actually don’t understand fully until you experiencing it.

“Empathetic is ability to understand and share the feeling of another.’’


The Empathy is one of the most important interpersonal good quality in human. Because it can help you to connect with someone that personaly very easily.

• There is a difference between sympathy and Empathy.

I can see how important this is to you”
“I know this can be frustrating”
“I know this process can be confusing “
“I’m sorry to see that you’re in this situation “
“I’d like to help you if I can”
“let’s see if we can slove this together”

Now lets see the empathetic postion in my life.”

(stranger life Postion)

It is pleasure to begin with an introduction of myself, well, I’m Jacklin, doing my final year UG.I’m just a girl with big dream that I fight for.I would like to take challenge for it because I know that I’m able to attain my dream and that I can take both success&failure in a balanced manner I’m just an introvert sometimes and I love to be alone because I would be positive wheneverd I was alone I could have figured things out better and the best when I was alone. I spread positivity whenever I would be and well, I think that’s my best behavior. I have some hobbies, I love music the most, and I sing well too and I love to plat football.

And now, a friend of mine, she was my classmate too. She had a habit of worrying all the time about her future. Whenever she calls me, she will not disconnected the call without blabbering about her future. The future things like, what I will do? what it will be? is that will make me good or bad bla bla bla…..Yeah, because her basic problem is that she have no plans. That time, I was like what is it? 🙄And why these bla bla…!! I just simply calm her down and tell that. she have to enjoy the pressed moments and work for the present life. And not to worry all the time. “I try to understand her” and try to figure things out in every possible happy ways like cracking jokes and like motivating, boasting her up, also, doing those conversations, I would feel better and motivating her makes me some more confident about myself too….

Yeah here I shared a small postion of Empathetic situation happened in my life.

I always wish to tell the people around in me…. Just speard the Empathy.

“understand others by being socially aware. The first step in social awareness is Empathy”

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