Facing reality.

In various cultures children are told that they can get anything if they try hard to achieve it. In my opinion there are many advantages and disadvantages of it.

To embark on , it is very important for people to teach their children to work hard and to try and achieve things in their life. People tend to cope up with the burden of studies and jobs easily as they are in a habit of spending more time at things. People tend to be more perfect and organised. For an instance , if someone’s parents set a goal for them in the early stages of their life and teach them to work hard and achieve it they often end up getting that thing in their life. Therefore , mentoring children leads to achieving things in their life.

However , there are many disadvantages. Children often get pressurised by working all day long. Therefore everything leads to them to not being able to achieve even one thing. Sometimes children get frustrated when they are not able to achieve things that they have been trying. For example many students commit suicide when they do not get good grades therefore trying to hard can have a negative impact also.

According to me , there should be a proper balance between everything and one should not effect themselves of they fail to accomplish something.

To encapsulate , children should be taught to do hard work but they should not be told that they can achieve everything and they should be told to face reality.

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