Fashion-Changes in clothing styles-An overview

Fashion industry is a fast growing industry offering great opportunities to fashion enthusiasts all over the world. It has evolved over time and now people wear clothes not only to cover themselves but to express as well. Now, clothes are more about styling and depicting one’s personality. In fact, people are divided on this basis. You can see variation in clothes of rich and poor, native and foreign, and many other categories all over the world. The clothing sense of countries also differ whether they are neighbouring or distant.

In earlier times, people would stitch together the threads just to make garments for their use but now they make it for others as well. It has now taken shape of a business where tailors sell ready-made as well as on-demand outfits to the public. There have been a variety of production when it comes to designs in clothes. Focusing mainly on Indian clothing styles, it initiated from kurta-pyjamas for men and women wore ghagra-choli(tops with long skirts) which evolved to jeans and tops/shirts in the modern era.

It is more about fashion now. The standard of a person is being decided by their clothes and sense of fashion determines how up-to-date a person is. Even if we observe the changes in school uniforms, you will see an improvement for the sake of becoming modern. There occurs a difference between the uniform of a govt. school and that of a private school. The more reputed schools(usually private schools with high fees) design their uniforms in a more formal and aesthetic way than a local one. This also marks the standard of a school.

In India, there is ‘unity in diversity’. The diversity here signals to the variability in culture too, among other differences. People of different regions follow their own culture and practices where the difference in clothing sense is not a big thing to notice. Every region, religion and tradition has its own look which is used to identify them. But, from a farther view, we all look same, following a similar trend. It is only the days of special occasion when people would merry on wearing ethnics and all, otherwise we all follow a common fashion expressing our united beliefs in modernity and comfort clothing.

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Ongoing is the time of ripped jeans and extra-size t-shirts which is common in male and female dress code. Fashion gives the advantage of designing without differentiating. As much as can be a women’s apparel be unique and decorative, a men apparel too can be so. There are no limits to fashion. People prefer a new type every time it takes the lead. This indicates how alert and active people are, in relation to their dressing and looks. Some people would prefer more pockets in their lowers to make it useful while some would like tight-fitted, printed jeans even without pockets. The times are always changing and one or the other trend always catches the fire and is followed around in the market. However some people settle for a limited designs i.e. they don’t get attracted too often by these trends and stay in their selected apparel zone for long time.

Social media plays a significant role in business, so do in fashion. Fashion influencers around the globe get a large following which doesn’t need any explanation as to how updated people prefer to be. Gender, age or region doesn’t mark the boundaries for such people. It is all in the mind. Whoever has a passion or determination gets what they aspire and this is how the fashion industry also works. It is more about present and even more about the future forecasts. The upcoming trends are the ones created in the present moment and accepted wide across.

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