Fighting Corona with Humanity.

I still remember reading our history textbooks and pondering over the fact that how the people in those times had faced the draconian affects of epidemics. Having no vaccine or any scientific knowledge, made them quite helpless. Today in the 21st century, with all the technology in the world, when we are faced with yet another epidemic, it has become a little difficult for us to cope up with it too , but for all different reasons. I , for instance never expected rather never believed that history would repeat it’s one of the worst realities again.
“Just because things are the way they are , they’ll not remain the way they are.”
Bertolt Brecht
UN chief advisers have termed COVID19 as the worst thing to happen since World War II.

Corona virus or to be more specific COVID19 originated in Wuhan , a city in China. And before even the rest of the world could understand what was happening, the unwanted guest was already at their doors. Past these months, thousands of people have succumbed to it, and lakhs lay in the hope to recover. The situation in US had completely shattered the dogma that a superpower can conquer it all. And the eeriness in the’ Bel Pease’ (beautiful country) , Italy, has put the world in a shock. The world is suffering in all possible ways. But few positive outcomes of all this tragedy is the audible sound of birds chirping, the visible blue sky (which was not so visible, and not so blue before), the damaged ozone layer healing itself, and obviously the Earth finally getting a chance to breathe again. Sometimes I wonder how karma pays back and how maybe this situation is what we humans sort of had it coming.
The soldiers in this war, the doctors, police , cleaners and all those people who have been working these past months non stop have shown us that how humanity is the priority.

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After many lives lost in the ongoing 2nd wave and the country preparing itself for the 3rd wave, we should all remember that to get vaccinated , wearing masks and following the social distancing guidelines is surely the key.

How can other people help in fighting the corona war you ask ?
Be Kind. This is a difficult time. Not a time to play the blame game but to play SAFE. Couple of days back I read that a girl from northeast was spat on by a person and called out as CORONA. This is so derogatory and discriminating. This difficult time is not only testing your patience but also testing to what level can you maintain your humane level.
A little help to the helpless please. Do whatever it is in your hands to help the needy. Donate food , money so that they can also get a fair chance at staying alive.
Who let the dogs out?! Well technically the lockdown has left them all alone. So please do take care of the animals out on the street. Don’t lock them out of your hearts.
Meditate the stress away I understand how this lockdown can be so stressful, so in order to keep calm , keep meditating.
Laugh it all out Stay happy and also try to keep your friends cheerful by calling them up. There might be plenty of your loved ones in different parts of the World, who must be waiting for a shoulder to lean on, so go ahead and give them a virtual shoulder to lean on to.
Being Munna bhai MBBS?! I agree that jaadu ki jhappi is all we need, but social distancing ,you know. Also don’t spread rumours and let the real doctors do the real work.
People all over the world are helping the needy with all their heart. Plenty of NGOs , business men, members of film fraternity, and many more have come forward to fight this war the humane way. Love,compassion, awareness and a sprinkle of humanity can help us to get through this war.

John F Kennedy rightly said ,
Ask not what your country can do for you , but what you can do for your country, and right now all you can do ,is Stay Inside.

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