First Animated movie

Coco, Zaya, and the last dragon those are such of brilliant animated movie we are obsessed off, showing a story differently with updated techniques but who started it, how an animated movie was back when it started forming.

On 17 August 1908 a movie was released not a normal one it was the world’s first fully animated movie ‘Fantasmagorie’, created by Emile Cohl in a hand-drawn style, released by the Gaumont Company in Paris.
The movie was a tribute to the Incoherent Art Movement which was banished by that time. The name was derived from the Fantasmograph, a 19th-century lantern that projects shadowy images on the wall. The word ‘Fantasmagorie’ means a constantly shifting complex succession of things seen or imagined.

Emile Cohl did not have a very privileged Childhood his artistic capabilities were discovered at the age of seven at the boarding school he was enrolled in. With the Franco-Prussian war in progress, he came under the influence of political caricature and puppet Drama, in the 1880s or 90s he developed himself as a writer, caricaturist, and cartoonist. he worked as the assistant for caricaturist Andre Gill, later he joined to Goumant company and directed many films before moving to animation.
It took five months for Emile Cohl to create the movie, he made 700 drawing for 1 minute 20 seconds, he used an illuminated glass plate and traced consecutive drawings with the variations needed for the consistent movement and continuity among the drawings, it was projected at a rate of 16 frames per second, he made eight drawings for each second photographed each twice. The drawings were placed one by one on a lightbox and photographed.
The movie ’Fantasmagorie’ is about the interaction of a Stick man with different objects.This movie made a hit in the time ’90s, which led to the creation of new techniques for the problems that arise while makes such movies.

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