Fruits Which Will Cost Your Fortune

I have already written about expensive fruits before ( Here is the link — .Please check it also .) but that was not enough . Apart from Buddha Shaped Pear ,Sembikiya Queen strawberries ,Square watermelons ,Sekai-ichi Apple ,Yubari melon ,Taiyo – No – Tamago Mango , there are some more fruits in the world which can be proudly placed in the list of expensive .Let’s talk about them .

1) Ruby Red Grapes or Ruby Roman : This comes under the species Vitis vinifera .Its color is beautiful ruby red that’s why it is called ruby red grapes .Every grape is as big as a ping pong ball & perfectly round in shape  .These types of grapes are very juicy & sweet in taste .You can only able to buy it from  Ishikawa Prefecture in Japan as it is grown & cultivated in this place . These grapes first appeared in 2008 in Japan . According to a 2019 report , One bunch of a ruby roman costs almost 750000 rupees & one grape costs almost 35000 rupees in Indian currency . The reason for this high price value is the low amount of production of these grapes as only 2400 bunches are harvested per year .

Ruby Roman or Ruby Red Grapes
Ruby Red Grapes in a Japanese store

2) Heligan Pineapple or British Pineapple : Pineapples usually grow in warm weather but the cold weather of Europe, especially the United Kingdom is not very suitable . But these heligan pineapples are exclusively cultivated only in a Victorian garden, The Lost Gardens of Heligan which has existed from the 18th century & situated in Cornwall in UK .This pineapples are grown in utmost care & in special condition .They cost more than $ 1500 or 100000 rupees . Still now the highest price of heligan pineapple is $ 16000 .

Heligan Pineapple
Heligan Pineapple cultivation in Lost Gardens of Heligan

3) Dekopon Orange : Dekopon orange is a hybrid citrus fruit of two citrus species Kiyomi & Ponkan .It was first developed in 1972 in Japan .It is a seedless orange with sweet juicy flesh .It is considered as one of the best & expensive citrus fruit & only sold in Japan . The price of a dekopon orange is $ 80 or 6000 rupees per pack which contains only 6 oranges .

Dekopon Orange
Dekopon Orange

4) Densuke Watermelon : It is one of the most costly watermelons in the world .This watermelon is perfectly round shaped with spotless deep green outer surface .The edible red flesh of this watermelon are much sweeter & juicier than other watermelons .Each piece of watermelon is weight of 11 kg or more than  11 kg . Densuke watermelon are only farmers in the Hokkaido island in Japan & only  can be brought from Sembikiya Flagship store situated in Tokyo , Japan . Only 10000 number of densuke watermelons are produced  per year .It costs almost $ 6000 or 4.4 lakh in Indian currency .

Densuke Watermelon

5) Black Diamond Apple : These apples have a very unique color .The outer shell is of the deep blackish red or purple color ,very different from any other types of apple. They are much sweeter & flavorful than the rest of the apples .It is a scarce breed ,which belongs to the Huaniu apple species . These apples are only produced in Nyingchi provinces in Tibet .It is believed that this unique color is due to the cultivation in high altitude (3500 m or above ) & ultraviolet ray .This apples are not available in Indian market for its low lifetime . It cost almost $ 7 or 500 rupees per piece .

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