Gender inequality

Gender inequality is the social process by which Mens, LGBTQ community and womens are not treated equally.

Gender equality is a human fight not a female fight.

Due to patriarchy many girls are hold back from striving for their dreams, receiving a quality education, medical facilities and overall awareness for their well being.

Everyday girls and boys see gender inequality in their homes, community, in textbooks, in media and among the adult.

Society assume an unequal responsibility for household work with mothers bearing the brunt of caregiving.

In schools, many girls receive less support than boys to pursue the studies they choose.

Rashida khatun says I realised the harm I would be causing myself if I agreed to get married. She in is enrolled in UNICEF supported program that provides out of school girls with basic numeracy, literacy and life skills.

Whenever we talk about gender inequality we always seems to focus on women but have anyone ever thought that what it’s like for men or LGBTQ community.

Gender equality, historically has been predominantly a women’s movement for women but I think the impact of gender inequality and how its affecting man hasn’t really been addressed.

Emma Watson

  • Generally we see in our families that boys told to pursue maths in higher studies and girls were told to pursue Biology so that the male became engineer for female can be a doctor.
  • Whenever a boy wants to be a cook, singer, dancer he is being discouraged by society or his parent by saying that these are for girls.
  • It’s a perception in our patriarchal society that boys do not cry that the crime is only for girls.
    • Mens are stronger than women and they will never bow in front of anyone
    • That’s why mens will never admit their faults because they are meant to be dominant in this patriarchal society.
  • When a girl wanted to be an officer then she is being discouraged by the family by saying that this is the job for Boys.
  • The perception of our societies that the household works are made for womens .
  • If people see a girl with short hair, the peoples in society tends to point at her and think of her as a freak.
  • If a girl is not interested in cooking but she still has to do it and she is pressurized by the family and Society by saying that you have to go to someone’s home and you have to do it because it is made for you.

Let’s talk about LGBTQ community. It is is the second of three issues focused on social inequalities.

  • LGBTQ community faces gender inequality in their everyday life.
  • They face inequalities in employment, education, health, survival and political empowerment.
  • It is not the only way by which they faces social inequalities.
  • Lgbtq people faces housing discrimination and workplace discrimination.
  • They faces basic human right such as – marriage and family adoption.
  • They have been discarded from their homes at their birth. The only reason of this is that they are not a male or female.
  • Peoples doesn’t behave properly with them.

Is this what we called Gender Equality??

We blame society for gender inequalities and for everything but why we forget that society is because of us. we are the part of society and to change this society we have to change our own mentality.

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