ACCORDING TO CAMBRIDGE DICTIONARY “situation in which older and younger people do not understand each other because of their different experiencesopinionshabits, and behaviour.”

The gap between the old and the young people is called generation gap. Old people feel that lack of respect for the elders and disrespect to the existing system of the society will bring disaster for young generation. Young boys and girls, on the other hand, feel that ‘the old are fools’. The gap between the old and the new generations is widening owing to several reasons.

First, all young people feel that the present education has no relation with the realities of life. Secondly, the present life has become busy and fast. Thirdly, the young people are generally idealistic. When they find corruption in every sphere of life, they feel disgusted. Fourthly, to express their unhappiness with the existing state of affairs, young people take to violence or behave oddly.

In order to bridge the generation gap, elders should be sympathetic towards the young. They should realise the emotion, ambition and problems of the young. The young should realise that they have no experience in life.

So, they should value the advice of the elders. The general gap between the two groups of people is so wide in the western countries that they live separately. In India the traditional joint family system has slowed the growth of this gap. But now such a family also is breaking down.

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