Government and the Law

government and the law
  1.  Two child max rule should apply worldwide.
  2. Smoking in all public places should be illegal worldwide.
  3. Legalize abortion for rape and incest cases.
  4. Buyers should be punished even harsher than poachers.
  5. Cosmetic surgery should be regulated.
  6. Equal punishment and less protection for celebrities who break the law
  7. Impose bi-annual drivers tests for people over 60
  8. People on welfare should be drug tested to receive welfare, and at random to keep it
  9. Moral and legal stance on capital punishment
  10. Immigrants should be required to speak the primary language of the country they wish to immigrate to
  11. Red light cameras at every traffic light
  12. Everyone having access to affordable or even free universal health care
  13. The government is no longer “by the people and for the people”
  14. Impose stricter federal restrictions on internet content
  15. Making self-defense courses available to the public
  16. Regulate automobile emissions
  17. All weapons must be registered with the police
  18. The government shouldn’t censor information given online
  19. Stricter punishments for driving drunk
  20. No death penalty for juveniles
  21. Higher standards held for the President
  22. Weeding out the dirty politicians
  23. Protecting the quality of drinking water in America
  24. Criminals should pay restitution to their victims rather than to society
  25. Eliminate cursing on day-time television
  26. Restrictions on garbage output to reduce pollution and carbon footprint
  27. Legal issues are the best sources to find suggestions for persuasive speech topics.
  28. There is a need for more prisons.
  29. Human rights must be respected.

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