Gratitude is a wonderful method to improve our life. It refers to the feeling and attitude of gratitude and appreciation for all that we have in life. It has been scientifically shown that expressing gratitude to others makes us feel happier and calmer. As a result, it allows kindness into our lives. It makes you pleased, for example, when a stranger holds the door for you or greets you. 

Gratitude, in layman’s terms, is the trait of showing gratitude to someone for an act of compassion or assistance. It’s the same trait that makes you remember someone’s kindness to you and makes you want to repay the favour. If you have a strong want to repay someone who has aided you, this desire is nothing more than appreciation. Only gratitude motivates you to express thanks or write a thank you note to your teacher. 

Why is it Important To Express Gratitude To Your Parents?

Feeling grateful has many benefits for your body, mind, and relationships, according to Robert Emmons, a world-renowned scientist and authority on the issue of gratitude.You must understand that when you were a child, your parents were the closest people to you and the ones with whom you spent the most time. This may not apply to everyone, but it does to the vast majority of individuals.

Kindness and success both begin at home. Another thing to keep in mind is that you, too, will become a parent at some point. As a result, how you treat your parents will have an effect on your relationship with your children. If you are grateful for your parents and always express gratitude for the good they have brought into your life, you will feel the same way when you become a parent.

How to Make Gratitude a Habit:

Gratitude can be practiced in a variety of ways, including:

1.Make a daily list of all the nice things that happen to you and who is responsible for them.

2.Make plans to repay the favour at a later date.

3.Recognize the value of everything around us, including nature, animals, and plants.

4.When feasible, express gratitude to various community helpers such as the washerman, gardener, policemen, sweepers, and others.

5.Every day as you wake up, thank God for such a beautiful day.

6.Thank God once more for all the trials you’ve faced today that have made you wiser and stronger.

Advantages of Gratitude:

Gratitude provides a variety of advantages in both your personal and social lives.

Relationship Strengthening: Gratitude improves the quality of your relationships with others. Being grateful is a lovely sensation and experience that enhances both parties bonds. It promotes the sense of being recognised and acknowledged, as well as the trust element.

Makes You Smile: Gratitude has a joyful quality to it. When you express appreciation or receive it, you feel glad for doing something nice or for having something good done to you. People who feel grateful are known to have lower stress levels.

Makes Society More Sensible: The happiest and most rational society is one in which people express thanks for one another. People are considerate and never miss an opportunity to express gratitude to others. A Intelligent society will inevitably progress in the correct direction.

Reduces comparisons and increases acceptance: When you express gratitude for others, you don’t make comparisons based on their financial situation or other things. You’re merely grateful to everyone and proud of their accomplishments.

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