Working on an assignment or a project requires a lot of work, working in a group helps in quicker results. Working in a group makes it easier to focus, having more people in the team means one can divide the workload according to one’s strength. The variety in skills and different thought processes will benefit everyone in the group. Combined knowledge with help in the analysis of the situation and chalk out a solution faster. It will also help an individual to learn something new in the process. Group work increases communication and promotes understanding between team members. Communication is the key to the better functionality of a team. Every individual is unique and working in a group will help provide a different perspective to the work at hand. Finishing off difficult tasks becomes easier and it also helps in the increase of creativity too.

Introverts find it difficult to function in a group though they are skilled and has what it takes to finish off the job at hand Individual projects are best for them. When a task requires a high level of concentration, individual work is the best. Working in the group would be a hindrance because of the constant interruption by other group members. While working individually one can work at their own pace without having to depend on someone else for the job. Planning becomes a lot easier. It increases the efficiency and quality of the work. Working individually means getting all the credit for the hard one has put behind the job.

Both group work and individual works have their pro and cons. Sometimes it also depends on the work at hand too. All projects do not require a group to finish the job and some can’t be done individually. Group projects help in building understanding between the team while individual projects help in developing skills and efficiency. Group work at times can be chaotic with lots of people hovering and putting forth their opinions while when one works alone, they can concentrate better and work faster. Both are good and bad in their own way.

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