Has the lockdown helped us?

In the first half of the year 2020, the citizens of our nation experienced their first-ever three-week lockdown. Initially, it was meant for a three-week duration which gradually grew to almost three whole months. Life has not yet revived to the usual normal, students and working professionals are still in the online phase even after a year. Some people condemn this as the worst phase faced by mankind of all time. While others are playing the blame game at their best. But we have not realized how the lockdown might have helped us. From improvising our hygienic habits, virtual meetings, family time and in various other ways.

Not only did mankind get benefitted from this lockdown but also the several other habitats dependent on our planet. According to a study, air pollution levels have been reduced by almost 20% in almost 20 countries. So, the lockdown not only helped contain the virus but also helped curb air pollution. This effort had been put by several countries to reduce the air pollution caused but was unsuccessful and finally, a virus had to come to the rescue.

The lockdown has also benefitted marine life, less movement in the ocean means less harm to the ocean and its habitants. The noise levels in the ocean have been reduced drastically saving hundreds of different species of marine life. To support this, a study in New Zealand proved that the ability of dolphins to navigate around the ocean doubled post the lockdown. This proves that the lockdown had a plus side to marine life.

Further, people have saved over 30% of their income because the lockdown has made people eat home. This not only lightens the pocket but also adds to healthy eating, improving the nutrition levels of a person. Apart from this, Work from home has made us connect on another level with people in our lives which would be nearly impossible in the normal scenario. Work from home has thought us technology has become a major part of our lives.

Although we were forced into our homes for almost a year we did learn new things and an experience is always a good thing in one’s life. So, we must take it positively and make the maximum of anything we are given in our lives.

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