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Ginger is one of the common spices which is used all over the world .It is a very ordinary Spice which can be found in any kitchen . But did you know that it has extraordinary medicinal power? Yes ! Ginger is not only a spice but it is also an organic & aromatic medicine .Ginger is an important compound for making herbal tea which is used for various health purposes .Ginger is the important spice for Asian foods. Come and let’s talk about ginger .

Herbal tea
Ginger Powder as Spice

Ginger is the rooting part of a flowering Ginger plant . So obviously  we collect Ginger under soil .The binomial name of Ginger is Zingiber officinale . Ginger is closely connected to turmeric cardamom and some other spices .There are many types of Ginger all over the world .  The taste of the Ginger is very strong  & has a pungent smell .

Young ginger

Various Types of Ginger :   1) COMMON GINGER ( Its Scientific name is Zingiber Officinale . It is the most popular ginger in the world .)




3)MANGO GINGER (Its biological name is Curcuma amada .This type of Ginger has the taste and smell of raw sweet mango . )

Mango Ginger & its Paste


GINGER LILY Plant & Flower

5)CREPE GINGER ( Cheilocostus speciosus is its scientific name & grow in a white crepe paper flowering plant ) 

CREPE GINGER Plant & Flower

6)BUTTERFLY LILY GINGER (  Hedychium coronarium is its botanical name)


7)DANCING LILY GINGER ( Scientific name is Globba winitii & have honey sweet smelling unique structural flower)

8)YELLOW GINGER (Its botanical name is  Hedychium flavescens )


 Apart from this type of these Gingers there are many more  Red Ginger ,Thai Ginger, Japanese Ginger ,Torch Ginger ,Shell Ginger ,Blue Hawaiian Ginger ,Beehive Ginger ,Bitter Ginger , Culinary Ginger ,Spring Ginger , Red Ginger etc.

Beehive Ginger Flowering Plant
Bitter Ginger Flower
Culinary Ginger
Flower of Torch Ginger Flower
Red Ginger
Ginger as common kitchen ingredient

Nutrients of Ginger :100 gm of ginger contain 

a)17.7 gram carbohydrate 

b) 1.7 gm sugar

c) 2 gram dietary fibre

d) 1.8 gram protein

e) 0.7 gram fat

f)  Some vitamins like – 0.7 mg vitamin B3 ,0.2 mg vitamin B5 ,0.16 mg Vitamin B6 ,5 mg Vitamin C ,0.26 mg Vitamin E                                                                                                                                        g) Some minerals – 16 mg calcium ,43 mg magnesium ,34 mg phosphorus ,415 mg potassium ,13 mg sodium ,0.6 mg iron ,0.2 mg manganese ,0.3 mg zinc .

h)Ginger also contains 79 gm water .

i) Ginger gives us 80 kilo cal energy .

j) Ginger also contains Vitamin B1 ,vitamin B2 ,folate . 

k)Ginger has excellent amount of Gingerol which is a powerful antioxidant

Effectiveness : 

1)Gingerol is a very strong and effective antioxidant ,which is found in Ginger in high amounts . It prevents the free radicals from damaging our body cells  by oxidation .

2)Ginger is very effective for pregnant women in the time of morning sickness . Ginger fights back the symptoms of nuisance .It is also helpful for nuisance created by chemical therapy for digestive nuisance and others .

3)Research in 2019 shows that Ginger has a low amount of fat so it is very good for a weight loss diet . 

4)Ginger is also helpful for osteoarthritis, joint pain and other bone problems . 

5)Ginger is able to act as a very powerful anti diabetic medicine which helps to decrease the amount of blood sugar in blood and protect our heart from any heart problems .

6)Menstrual pain during the monthly cycle is a very common problem for girls . This menstrual cramps is called Dysmenorrhea & Ginger is a very good pain reliever for Dysmenorrhea .

7)Some research  shows that Ginger has anticancer properties. It specially helps to prevent colorectal cancer .

8)Gingerol antioxidant which is present in Ginger , can ward off the infection problems .

9)Ginger is also good for an upset stomach ,indigestion and other digestion problems .

10)Ginger also prevents common cold and other symptoms of cold & cough .

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