1. People need to visit dentists more often.
  2. Fast foods must be more expensive than healthier foods.
  3. Music has healing power.
  4. Fast food restaurants are not responsible for obesity.
  5. Eating fruit is healthier than drinking fruit juice.
  6. Medical marijuana isn’t a cure.
  7. Vegan diets are too extreme.
  8. Benefits of drinking 2L of water per day is a myth.
  9. Calcium doesn’t make teeth stronger.
  10. Losing weight is easy, keeping it off is not.
  11. Aging cannot be reversed.
  12. Fat isn’t bad for you.
  13. Electronic cigarettes are harmful.
  14. Diet pills do not work.
  15. Balanced sugar-free nutrition is an effective treatment for ADHD.
  16. Hospitals should allow owners of pets to have their pets brought in
  17. Buying local goods is better for the economy and for our health
  18. The impact of consuming all organic foods on our bodies
  19. The benefits of alternative medicine vs. Western medicine.
  1. Fast food and the war on obesity
  2. Morbidly obese people should have to pay more for public transportation
  3. Healthcare should include a gym membership and nutrition counseling

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