History Of Olympics

Olympics has been one of the most renowned sporting competitions in the world. Olympics originated around 3,000 years ago in ancient Greece. Games were held in Olympia every four years in honor of Zues god. Modern Olympics arised in Athens in 1896 for the fist time. Olympics was a success with 280 participants from 12 countries. However, last year was an exception due to Covid-19 Pandemic, Olympics could not be conducted in 2020. Olympics are are now currently being held in Tokyo, Japan.

Olympics had been going on for a long time but there were no written records of it. According to the written records, Olympics held in 776 B.C. had its first Olympic champion , who was a cook named Coreobus. He had won the game of meter footrace also called ‘Stade’ during that time. Olympics is known to be founded by son of Zues, Hercales and Alcene. This competition has been a prestigious platform to showcase incredible talent from around the world. In honor of Zues, Olympics were held during 6th August and 19th September. Olympia was a scared location in southern Greece where games were held. Olympics had such an intense influence on people that time of 4 years was being calculated as people were desperately waiting for it. 25-mile marathon was introduced for the first time in Olympics. The route of the marathon was followed by soldiers, who would later inform the news of victory. Spyridon Louis won the first gold medal in this game.

After a few games in Olympics, new games were featured. 400 meter race called ‘Diaulos’ and ‘Dolicho’ that was a longer distance race of 1,500 meters or more races were featured. Long jump, disc throw, javelin throw games were introduced in 708 B.C.. These games were ‘called Pentathlon’ in ancient Greece. Boxing and wrestling with no specific rules was played. Chariot racing in 608 B.C. and in 688 B.C. Boxing had attracted participants to show-off their skills.

Olympics were originally confined to male participation. Unlike now, woman events were not included in the games. Women who were married were prohibited from attending the games.

Though, Olympics were consecutively held every 4 years but could not be held during World War I and World War II. Olympiads have still been numbered according to those years despite the wars.

Olympics were not really played on an international level, but it became a global competition after it was conducted in Paris in 1924. There was a participation from 44 nations including a closing ceremony. Winter Olympics had made its fist appearance in that very year. Games like ice hockey, ice skating were featured. Modern Olympics has an official symbol representing North and South America, Australia, Europe, Africa and Australia continents being a global sporting competition.

When Olympics returned after eight years to Greece in Athens, largest participation seen in the history of Olympics with participation of 11,000 athletes from more than 200 countries. Ancient and modern traditions had merged during Olympics. Shotput games were held in Olympia where initially Olympic games were held.

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