Hobbies are the activities that we do in our spare time. Hobbies are unique to people. Some like gardening, a few like photography, many have book reading as their hobby. While other hobbies are swimming, collecting stamps, playing video games, and many more. People have hobbies not only to pass their free time but also to do something useful . Hobbies help people learn new things, relax after a day of tiring work and to energise their body and mind.

“Whatever you like to do, make it a hobby”.


Writing is a unique hobby because most people don’t want to exhaust themselves in their spare time. Many feel that writing is tough, but I do not think so. I feel writing is like painting our voice. When I get free time, I pick a pen and a notebook and start painting my ideas in words. I write stories , poems and sometimes, about my feelings. My mind relaxes when I pour my thoughts as words. So, writing energises me. When I write things, my imagination is at its best. I imagine a world with magic and magicians, where I can fly, and birds can talk. Writing helps me completely immerse myself into that world! Sometimes, I sit with small children and entertain them with these stories of mine. The happiness of their faces makes me to write more and better. Although writing is just a hobby for me, yet it is very beneficial. It opens my mind to think beyond the little things with a broader mind. It makes me more passionate about my life. It makes me learn new things and enjoy every moment of my life.

‘Writing is easy. All you have to do is cross out the wrong words”.

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