How artificial intelligence is replacing humans?

Artificial intelligence, this is not a new name. This is the most trending subject in this 21st century. Examples of artificial intelligence Alexa, google assistant, Siri etc. In this blog, we are going to see what is artificial intelligence? Type of artificial intelligence, Can machines think? How artificial intelligence is replacing humans? Advantages and disadvantages of AI?


Artificial Intelligence commonly known as AI is the intelligence represented by machines, as opposed to natural intelligence display by humans. AI is an interdisciplinary science with multiple approaches. Based on capabilities AI can be classified into weak AI, strong AI, and super AI. Weak AI can focus on only one task and it cannot go beyond its limitations. Strong AI can understand and learn that much of a human. Super AI suppresses human intelligence and can perform task better and beyond human intelligence.


There are four types of artificial intelligence, they are Reactive machines, Limited memory, Theory of mind, Self awareness.

  1. Reactive machines

This is the simplest level of Artificial Intelligence. Reactive machines performs basic operations. No learning occurs in this type. This is the first stage of artificial intelligence system. It doesn’t have past memory and cannot use past memory for future actions. Examples of reactive memory are Static machine learning models, and IBM chess program.

2. Limited memory

Limited memory of AI has the ability to store past memory and predictions and use the data to make future predictions. With limited memory, machine learning architecture become more complex. The examples of limited memory are self-driving cars are the best example. There are three types of limited memory –

i) Reinforcement learning

ii) Long short term memory(LSTM)

iii) Evolutionary Generative Adversarial Networks(EGAN)

3. Theory of Mind

This is the advanced type of artificial intelligence. Theory of mind refers to the ability of human mind to attribute mental states or others is a key component of human cognition.

4. Self awareness

Self awareness is more advanced type of artificial intelligence. It is the final step of AI development to build systems that can form representation of themselves.


The biggest question in our mind is can machines think like humans? machines do not have feeling, emotions and consciousness. Therefore the artificial intelligence cannot think like us. The artificial intelligence is in the beginning stage in this world right now. But in future when artificial intelligence is in the advanced stage, scientist suggests that there may be a possibility. AI is programmed by humans into every machine to perform a certain task. Therefore AI cannot think and take decisions on its own. Therefore AI cannot think.


In earlier day, people used to work in the factories but now machines are working in place of humans. Now the question comes Can artificial intelligence is replace humans? the answer is yes, we have seen robots replacing human works in a organization. As we known that AI is in the beginning stage of development. Experts suggest that AI can replace human work in the future. A study suggests that AI will replace 30 percent of human labor in 2030.


  1. AI takes only certain time to perform a task.
  2. AI can do the complex tasks in seconds.
  3. AI is available for 24×7 by a day.
  4. AI can reduce error and increase accuracy.


  1. Creating a machine that could simulate human intelligence requires a lot of time and lot of money.
  2. AI cannot think beyond its box. There is no creativity for AI.
  3. AI will increase the unemployment rate, as it will replace human labor.

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