How Can Fiction Be Written? Featuring Barbie!

“Imagination and Fiction make up more than three quarters of our life.”

  • Simone Weil

Today’s article discusses an essential factor when it comes to writing fiction I.e how to write it? Barbie aka Barbara Milicent Roberts is our chief guest for today’s discussion.

“Hello Barbie! Warm Welcome Aboard. We are so glad to have you here with us.”

“Thank you for inviting me. I’m pleased to be a part of this discussion as well.”

“So, would you like to tell us the ways of writing fiction? (That for which you are here)”

“Definitely! Fiction is an interesting genre when you come to look at it. It also, comes with a wide range of interesting sub – genres which have been discussed in the earlier article. It can be written insensibly by taking almost any entity that you prefer or make one for yourself by amalgamating two or more entities. There are mostly no constraints in fiction and that is why, writing or working upon this genre doesn’t actually seem a hard task. Yes! I agree that imagining certain factors is a hard task, but we mustn’t overlook the fact that almost everything comes with its own set of hard work! Here, however I am not considering contemporary fiction or that which pertains to reality. I shall be emphasizing on how fiction (fantasy and other related genres) can be written.

Now, let us learn how exactly to write fiction through a step by step approach.

Brainstorm Over The Fictitious Topic You Intend To Choose!

Brainstorming is a process that requires time. So, first and foremost, the thing to be done, is to sit down on your favourite couch and ponder over the best fictitious topic that would definitely seem great if sketched on paper. However, don’t forget to get yourself in the reader’s shoes as stated in our earlier articles. Consider what your readers would love and write in accordance to that.

Think Of The Characters You Wish To Involve!

This is a quintessential factor that makes a story interesting. The characters make a story. However, framing of characters also depends on the sub – genre you choose. If you choose contemporary fiction, then you would definitely make use of real life characters. In such cases, you could ignore this second step and only consider the first. This step is for people who wish to work with the fantasy sub – genre because framing fictitious characters requires certain amount of deep thought processes.

In Case Of Writer’s Block, Approach The Outside World!

  Certain people experience writer’s block while writing fiction because they seem to fall short of ideas. In such cases, it is advisable to approach the outside world as inspiration to your thought processes. Some incident will definitely inspire you to write about it.

Create Strong Characters!

Make sure that the fictitious characters you create are strong enough so that the readers love them. Like, a certain character should show strong traits in personality and not physical strength 😉 Make the characters take risks throughout the story and later help them succeed. This will also deliver a good message and inspire people to take risks! Thus, all that we mean here is, that try creating characters that would also impart a message to the readers. Also, mostly it is advisable to create Round characters. Round characters are those whose traits or personalities throughout the story aren’t easily decipherable. These characters would arouse the interest factor and enhance your write up.

Create Unique Characters!

By this we mean, that when you choose to create fictitious characters, make sure that you don’t use the same repeated mythological supernatural entities revolving around mermaids, aliens and robots. These are widely known and won’t make your story that interesting. You could always create a new character for yourself by amalgamating existent entities, as stated in the earlier article.

Read Other Fiction Books For Ideas!

This is the basic step that would definitely help you to frame your own story easily. Read more and more fiction books by widely renowned authors for amazing techniques of writing a fiction book easily.

Try Fictionalizing Your Daily Life!

This means, fictionalizing your daily chores and duties in an imaginative and creative way. For instance, you are working in the kitchen and see a ladle, now you could create your own fictitious character named Mr. Ladle who could speak throughout the story. He could also be an antagonist or maybe even a protagonist if you decide to create an animated fictitious story.

Be Alert And Aware Of Your Surroundings For Inspiration!

This is extremely important because developing a fictitious story requires complete imagination. So, you need to be alert when you come across such objects which could make your story interesting. After all, if you aren’t alert then that inspiration wouldn’t be accessible to you and would pass you directly, without you acknowledging it. So, remain alert and vigilant.

“These were such essential points to be noted. We heartily thank you for your precious time! Hoping to have you again to speak on such interesting topics in the near future!”

“Please don’t mention it. I’m touched by this honourable gesture of being a chief guest on such an important discussion. Looking forward to yet another invite in the future for sure!”

Thank You So Much Barbie!

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