How can we make ourselves better?

How do we make ourselves better?

this question comes in our mind a lot and we look for the answer everyday.

But it is true that change is the law of life. Which we can’t change.
And every person keeps changing on his own according to the change of life and change happens automatically, even a people cannot do anything in it. for example:
We liked many things in our childhood, but now we will not like them at all.

But Self-Improvement does not happen like change. We have to make many efforts to become better ourselves and do certain things to become a better version of himself. And it is not necessary that we can make ourselves better in the same field. We can improve ourselves in every field.

For example, you can become better in studies, you can become a good parent, you can become a good son and daughter, You can become a good person, you can become a good employee in your job that your payment will increase, You can become a good sport, you can be better at languages, you can be better at many things or a field that you like.

That’s why self-improvement is about knowing your limits.
Self-improvement is a way of transforming your weaknesses into your strengths and self-improvement can happen at any age and there is no age to learn, we can learn anything whenever we want.

And there is no time limit to learn anything Because if a person takes 5 to 6 months to learn something, then someone learns sooner.

There comes some time in life that we do not like ourselves, then there is more desire in our mind to become better ourselves. We see our shortcomings and when we see a better person than ourselves So these questions come a lot in our mind that we are lacking and now we have to become better.

You have to know your shortcomings, what you do not know, where you are lacking, only then you will be able to improve yourself. if you know your goal, you can improve what you want to do, improve what you lack. Make a time table out of your time And if you are learning something and you don’t understand it, take help of teachers or people who know something about them who can teach you. make someone your inspiration And when you are learning something, look at it every day to see how much you have learned, how much progress you have made in your work.

If you do all this, then you are succeeding in trying to be a better yourself.

And we should never give up if we learn one thing and if we learn it then we should learn something else Because by this we are making ourselves better but we are also learning a lot.

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