How I Spend An Evening?

“Evening time” is the end of the day, And at this time we try to relax our body and mind, and every individual has a different way of relaxing oneself. Every person has a different way of greeting others. The Internet and mobile phones change our life completely. In the past few months, we have spent most of our time with friends and families more, but Today we use mobile phones all day and night. In other words, Today we can not live without a mobile phone; not only that, since social media has come, every person likes chatting in social media instead of talking to each other.

It’s impossible to even imagine how our life would be if there were no various tasty snacks. Most of us get back home, or complete our work by evening and relax with a cup of tea or coffee with something to munch on. The time where you have the deepest conversation or maybe end up overthinking. Snack is loved by people of all ages because it brings us a good taste, good mood and helps us heal from harms. Good food always brings good mood.

We face hard times! I am an optimistic and happy-go-lucky student of Class VIII who has firm faith in the good life, but my parents want me to stay ahead of everybody in this competitive world. There was a time when coming back after school meant joy to me. Four- thirty in the afternoon was good food, and seven in the evening meant time for studies. There was the beautiful period from four- thirty to seven in the evening when it was either cricket or football for me! How times have changed!

Ever since I reached high school, tuitions have been encroaching on my life like a desert encroaches upon a green pasture to destroy it. Well, it is not that tuitions are not important. Nor can I complain of a lack of dedication in my tuition teachers, but what I fail to comprehend is my parents’ obsession to ensure that this giant python called tuitions should develop a crush for me (pun intended!).

If I tell my dad that I am being made to take tuitions when I am quite comfortable with the subject, he gives a mature smile which betrays his being intrigued at my attempts to reason. He is perhaps under the impression that evolution is yet to catch with me. The final result is that he ensures that I meekly visit the concerned tutorial. up Thus my first tuition begins at 5 o’clock. From then to 6.30, I cram the concepts of organic and inorganic Chemistry. I leave this coaching sharp at 6.35 pm to reach another tutorial located 2 kilometres away before 7 pm. There begins my struggle with Shakespeare. It is not that I do not enjoy Shakespeare, but I do not have much stamina left by the time I reach the English tuition.

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My parents fail to recognise that the best part of a student’s waking hours is spent in school. And after that if I am sent to continuous tuition classes, when do I study myself? Moreover, we are taught to play for good health. If a boy does his schooling from ten to four and then does his tuitions from five to nine, when does he play to maintain good health? Yes, one may definitely expect destiny to play with my health. Thus, till 9 pm I struggle to stay awake in my English tuition and then I complete my projects, courtesy the Internet, for an hour after I reach home at about nine-thirty in the night!

I have dinner at ten-thirty which is when I also surf the television channels to locate some interesting entertainment. When I finally go to sleep at about eleven, I browse through some interesting book. My teachers always stress that reading builds character. I agree! But I can’t read for long! Although my school begins at ten am although I have Geography tuitions from 7.30 am to 9.00 am. Ah! So much for the sweet happiness of childhood!

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