How to break a Stubborn Bad Habit?

Habits are very important part of our life since they have been the daily activities of our life for years. So, their effects build over time for better or for worse. They tend to impact our health and well-being. So this is the time to stop bad habits if you have any.

Although breaking a habit is not always easy, Here are a few things which worked out for me and many others.


Accept that you have a habit that is not working with you. There is no need to be harsh without yourself, simply acknowledge it and give yourself permission to start working to break it.


First of all, habits won’t leave us in a single a day, it takes time and effort and eventually you will see the results. So make a plan on ‘how to get rid of it’. Focus on the short-term and then extend it to long-term.


The old habits can be on our minds when we are idle. If you keep yourself busy, it can make the process super easy, because you have a lot to get done and a lot to think about. So, distract yourself with pleasant and fun tasks.


Sometimes, we may give-in to our habits without our conscious, it is human nature , so don’t beat yourself up if you have a setback. Acknowledge the mistake you made and go back to your plan and keep pushing yourself to do better and avoid committing the mistake in future.


There will always be a certain dis-comfort when we are trying to change our old-ways since they have engrained in our minds for a long time but this will pass quickly. Remind yourself that the situations will improve soon enough and you will become the best version of yourself.

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