Benefits of Meditation 101: How To Meditate In Less Time

There is no doubt that emotions play a very important role in the field of games and sports but it is also essential for a sportsperson to have enough control over emotions . If a sportsperson is unable to control his emotion during the competition , it can damage or ruin his sports career . If there is appropriate control over emotions, the emotional energy may be utilised into proper and constructive channels. A number of research studies have shown that we can control our emotions well before the provoking situation occurs. We can prepare ourselves ahead of time. We can take some physical actions , can learn new ways of thinking and understanding how emotions work . Emotions can be controlled up to a desired level by the following methods.

  • Control your breathing : For appropriate control over your emotions you should try to control your breathing whenever you note certain physiological changes such as dry mouth and elevated heart rate . Find a comfortable place. Take a normal breathe first , then start inhalation. Allow your chest to expand as you fill air into your lungs. Take six to ten deep breaths per minute . In this way, you can control your breathing which will ultimately control your emotions .
  • Meditation : Meditation can be used for controlling your emotions. It can be ideal for staying calm in between the rounds of competition . First of all, sit in a comfortable position . After that pick or select a short focus word that has significant meaning for you and that you associate with relaxation . The word may be relax , smooth , calm or easy, etc . Then close your eyes slowly. After that breathe slowly repeating the focus word. Be passive and avoid other thoughts which come into your mind . Continue this process for 10 to 15 times.
  • Repression: Repression means to avoid the undesirable emotions when these arise in an individual . However , there may be some problems in using this method because sometimes the undesirable emotions may enter into unconscious mind and later on these burst spontaneously with greater force.
  • Introspection: It may be applicable for educated individuals . They can introspect themselves in the stages of different emotions. As soon as they start introspection into themselves, emotions are usually vented out .
  • Redirection: Redirection means the change of direction in the display of emotions.

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