How To Overcome Procrastination

Procrastination is an action of unnecessarily delaying tasks. Most of us struggle with delay and avoiding work on a regular basis. It has become a habit of delaying work to the next day to the point where deadline knocks on the door.

We make a resolution to stop procrastinating our work but we fail to keep it. When you know that you have enough time you tend to delay because you think there is plenty of time left in the future and you can complete it any day but postponing work till last day stresses you out and it reflects on your work.

So, how can you avoid this habit of procrastination ?

Here are some tips to follow.

  1. Set deadlines –

Lose the habit of pushing your work to tomorrow. Set deadlines. Aim to complete your work on the that deadline. Always set deadline that can be achieved. Set deadlines that help you to complete your work two days or a day prior. This way you struggle to the last minute.

2. Organize yourself

Tracking progress and due dates is a great way to ensure timely completion of work. You can make use of daily or weekly planners.

3. Prioritize your work –

Make a to do list where you list down your assignments and projects according to their priority. The most urgent and important should be given more attention followed by less urgent and less important.

4. Avoid distractions –

Avoid activities or places that cause distraction. Always silent your phone to avoid calls or notification sounds. Notification sounds are distracting and compel you to focus on the phone rather than your work. Quite places help you to concentrate on your work. Noisy backgrounds distract you.

5. Set goals –

Unplanned routine is a cause of procrastination. Setting goals gives a clear plan as to how you should proceed with your assignments or projects. But remember to set realistic goals. Instead of focusing on completing large chunks of work at one go, focus on completing lesser amount on a regular basis.

6. Always take a break

Breaks are needed to restore drained energy during studies. Take a 5-minute walk or have something to eat. Avoid longer breaks. Time your breaks. Also, being on phone should be avoided only if you feel phone can distract you from your timed break.

7. Reward yourself

Incentives encourage you to work harder. After you complete your target of the day, reward yourself with something you like.

8. Be around people who are organized

Spending time with people who are organized and do they work on time should be made friends with. They inspire you to push yourself and work diligently. They inculcate their drive in you.

9. Avoid thinking of it as a pain

Since, you are not used to doing things before the due date, it can be painful and tiring at first but eventually you will like how stress-free it is to complete it beforehand. You will be motivated to work more.

Procrastination can be difficult to overcome but it is not impossible if you believe in yourself. If you truly want to get organized and free yourself from the stress of last minute deadlines, then these tips will help you.

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