If keyboards could talk......

Quite a mind boggling and thought provoking heading !!!! Isn’t it ? A famous quote says that actions speak louder than words but have you ever imagined in your weirdest dreams that how miraculously our life would be turned upside down if a simple electronic device like keyboard ,could talk . There are plenty of thoughts hovered over my mind as to how amazingly absurd this world would be if all our unspoken thoughts actually get heard by everyone around !! The only part in computer system which is capable of conveying our thoughts to ever complicated wired machine’s brain by sending our messages in the form in the form of linked words would create an interesting havoc if its buttons would actually speak up the words being pressed upon them !! Thinking of funniest consequence which comes to mind is the one when in working place of 10-20 employees typing together on the respective keyboards eventually turning it all into a remarkable fish market filled with the voices of their talking keyboards!!! Another most important use of these keyboards is found almost everywhere in the era of booming social social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter and more . Where people are spending almost of half of their live typing their thoughts on the computers spreading it around the world !

Keyboards are probably the best secret keepers the world has to offer because you can express exactly what you are thinking and feeling , unless you save the document , no one will know what you were saying , keyboards could also tell us what kind of lives we live. so, I stick to typing out how I feel.

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