Importance of English

We all people in the world speak many languages as like Hindi, Marathi, English, British Gujarati but English is one of the most important and beautiful language in the world. It is spoken in every part of the world. It is the mother tongue of about thirty cores people and an equal number of people us English as their second languages. It has the largest vocabulary and it continues to grow up with the progress in subjects like computer, science, technology, advertising, politics, economies, etc.

Many more words are flawing into English language. Knowledge of English is essential in every walk of lief because it is widely used in almost every field like commerce, politics, film industry, tourism, etc. important books on literature, science and technology are mostly available in English.

In your future English language is very important for every people because the important of the English. This language is a state level language. English is very useful language because many important exams, business are in the English language.

English is a very rich and useful language. We must learn to read, speak and write English very well. I like English languages very very much, because this given many important benefits. English is very beautiful and very easily language to learn to all people in the world Today’s generation is a English generation. So I request to all people that they all learn English.

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