ROLE PLAYED BY MEDIA IN CONNECTING US

The virtual world for people nowadays to stay updated, be aware of uprising events or issues happening all over the country and Globe. It connects viewers mutually to support or protest against problems that will create a tremendous impact on culture, traditional, safety or any other primary aspect of every individual.

Media has power to gather and publish information preciously to outworld to reveal the injustice, criminal and ill-legal kinds of acts in society. A platform that unites human beings together without any type of discrimination.” A world inside a gadget that literally reflects us a future upcoming”. You create connections based on your active performance via these online portals as you spread your awareness to others.

An expanding and yet growing platform to share talents, request support for any motive of happenings of our own and much more. In this pandemic even education and guidance are taken to teenagers via this media platform visually or just as speeches. Social media has the power of connecting people more than you can do in reality with much as possible.

Make sure you deliver your speech with a reason and a situation that must be told to the society. This platform is used as an age-restricted one where from infants till elders are addicted to it. “Let the addiction of media be because of you but you don’t be a victim of addiction”. Media consists from small areas (videos) till big platforms like Bollywood that keeps public entertained. In 2021 there is an enhanced usage of 99.8% in these portals and guides even market fields to promote their brand by sharing with consumers every product. Each individual has each requirement to be utilized under this platform but the concept is how you use them wisely to travel and train you in better ways.

Various application with wide range of viewers along with unique features and with special specifications are created generally to help and improve connectivity among every individual by uniting them as a society for a fruitful environment. Hence a key component for mingling every emotion and industry with various amenities embedded in it.

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