Improving 'syllabus' at school- Part II

“Education is the key to success”. But is it actually providing knowledge to the extent that it makes everyone better off ? Do the lessons taught in schools really matter in our lives ? Is the education system well-established keeping in mind the needs of the times ?

We need to accept that our education system is ruined by some corrupt people hindering the growth and success of the country. Somehow we all know that the training techniques in our schools is old style now and that it requires improvements.

It also becomes a burden for students when they are loaded with tests, assignments and project besides getting regular homework. The classrooms too get filled with only subject-related matter and less care is taken for extra-curriculum.

However there is more scope for extra-curriculum as compared to competitive and corrupt field of academics. It has become corrupt since leverage is being given to some sections or some particular people are being favored in terms of marks(/quotas) or job posts, allocation of funds, etc.

Instead of the regular pattern of teaching, the focus should be made on skill development of students. They acquire more importance in life. Now we see that students lack even the basics of what the corporate world demands of them. From there arises the need to join paid courses after school. You sacrifice peak time for decision making of your life in learning something that should have been the syllabus in the schools! Isn’t it frustrating for someone who holds personal responsibilities and obligations already and had been dreaming of placements and other great opportunities to come on way after education ? Shouldn’t our system be wide enough to support growth and development of individuals, accepting it as their duty towards the nation ?

But the need of the hour is to take action. We can’t continue blaming others’ unless we put forward a step by ourselves. As it has been well said “Be the change you want to see”. The schedule needs to be changed. There is a need for addition of classes for upskilling of students by professionals in the schools itself as there is no time left afterwards, as many say.

There should be attention towards holistic development of a child from the very beginning by arranging music classes, sports period, and other possible skill enhancement classes in schools. This would ensure inclined growth of the child towards his/her area of interest. The students will have knowledge of various fields from the very beginning and this will help them decide early what do they wish to pursue as a career. This is the major problem now-a-days that the youth is not sure of their future goals. They surely have the spark to do wonders but don’t have the correct guidance as to what is best for them or how can they achieve their aims in between the complexities of the world.

The academics should be limited now, to the extent of its feasibility in life and higher studies be offered with a wider choice so that the focus is narrowed upon the future without compromising with present. Knowledge and practical-ability should be given priority over marks and grades. There are innumerable examples of people who were weak in studies but their practical approach proved beneficial for the world. Therefore the students should be taught the practical aspects more than the bookish language and terms.

Coming back to skills, there are a variety of fields where interests of a student can be drawn upon. Painting or sketching, writing, dance and singing, sports(basketball, relay race, badminton), etc. should not be limited to a single period in a week. They should be emphasized as much as academics’ competitions. Training should be provided to those who are keen about such extra activities which are actually, not “extra”.

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