Improving 'syllabus' at school

India is a country where people from different religions, customs, regions, etc. reside without any restriction. But it is often seen that people fight for their religion or castes either to establish supremacy over others’ or to protect theirs’. Isn’t it ironical to hear same people singing “Bharat Mata Ki Jai” during political rallies or on national days!

People celebrating the Gandhi Jayanti don’t even hesitate to spread violence when it comes to their so called self-respect. Is this what the slogan of “unity in diversity” strives ?

The loophole stands in the education system. The youth today is walking on the path enlightened by the corrupt and selfish people of the society. We are not empowered enough to take action since everyone is either scared or lack adequate resources. The world is revolving fast. It is peak time for action which should start by providing correct and necessary information and knowledge to the students.

It should be taught at school level to respect each person you meet, to be kind to every section of society, to learn from failures rather than taking revenge or hurting oneself. The secondary level begins from sixth standard in school which should be the time Life lessons should be started for the students where they would learn what the world offers to the people and how they can tackle their problems.

Personal mentorship should be provided to guide each one through the circumstances they may be facing. Only textbook knowledge cannot make a person successful. Education should be learning based. Some schools follow it by arranging sessions for their students but this is majorly the case of private schools. Now that the govt. is improving the facilities in public schools, such programmes should be arranged which will guide the students in their problems.

Health and sanitation is a must to be taught from beginning, not only through books but the students should be taught such basic things during interactions. Syllabus should not be the focus point of the teachers at schools. Shaping the students in a way that they become responsible citizens and more importantly good human being, should be a matter of concern for the teachers. Being formal and not interacting with students on a regular basis happens to be the reason why today, nobody cares for anybody. People don’t even talk without any self motive.

Teachers always stress on procuring good marks which brings competition to life at early stage. The time has come when the world needs to pace down and bring out moments of life. It seems like machines are working when people work hard to earn more comfort. They should bring out moments for themselves to improve as a human not as a worker.

The Education system is designed in a way that personality development gets compromised in front of theoretical knowledge, hindering the youth to step up for themselves. A good system supports well being of the society as a whole without discriminating on the basis of caste, religion, gender, etc.

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