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Divorce simply means the end of a marriage relationship between two person. It sounds simply , but it’s not easy for a husband and wife to decide to end a marriage. They spend a long time together and try to slove their problems, but they not successed and then they have to take the decision of divorce . Divorce is harder for everyone.

The marriage is a sacrament for every Hindu. The only way to end the marriage or the relationship of husband and wife is the death of the one spouse. It is a process by which two people understand to each other and make their relationship official and permanent until the death. Marriage is the joining of connecting two people in a soulful bond that is going lasts until the last breath. But in now a day’s marriage is a practice is often cut short by the divorce and separation. In every marriage there are some conflicts are grow. Every marriages brings challenges but it is dependent on the how to tackal this ( the husband and wife), or manage the conflict and save their relation. In past some decades, Divorce rate has started increasing rapidly. There are many reasons of increasing divorce rate. Divorce is happened by the mutual consent of husband and wife and also happened through other theories
In some cases husband and wife wants to take divorce because the marriage was done forcefully or against their wishes by their parents. Our present generation is fun loving generation. They don’t know the meaning of love, relationship. They making fun of everything in fact marriage is also fun for them. The present generation has to understand the marriage is a sacrament. It is a relationship between two souls.

Marriage against the consent of man or woman
Conflict between husband-wife
Physical and mental abuse
Drugs or alcohol addiction
Misunderstanding between the couple
Aggressive behaviour of the spouse
Demand of the dowry
Insulting the wife in front of his family and friends.
Conflict between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law
Lack of communication between the spouse
Forced marriage
Issues in joint family
Women becoming financially independent

In marriage many conflicts are take place but divorce is not the one and only solution to resolve the conflict. In India the divorce rate is not too much high as compared to other nation. In our country, people still believes that marriages are the bond of two souls. Some relationships need time, understanding and patience from the partners. Due to statistics half of the marriages will end in divorce. And if children are involved, they are suffering most. Both husband and wife have responsibilities to build marriage and provide a stable environment for their children. In my opnion that husband and wife just have to calm down in every fight and in every situations. This is a weapon to shoot divorce which is come in your mind. For avoiding divorce the couples should understand what the biggest issues in their marriage.
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