Today everyone is aware that all the countries are facing the deadly pandemic of COVID-19. Millions of people have suffered due to this pandemic. Lakhs of deaths are already reported all over the world. No country is left who has not suffered because of this deadly virus.
But now our scientists have found out the vaccine of this deadly virus. This vaccine is created only due to the excellence, hard work and dedication of our scientists. But the cost of the vaccines are high and the procedure for its manufacturing is not so easy. It takes time for manufacturing vaccine doses in high quantity. As we know that the world’s population is very large and the time taken t manufacture these vaccines is also more therefore, it was highly required to develop a system where vaccine doses are allotted to people on the priority basis. The priority can be on the basis of age, work occupation and many more.
India is such a country which a large population. More than 100 crore people needs to be vaccinated as early as possible to make India COVID free country. It requires more 200 crore vaccine doses to completely vaccinate such a huge population. But as we discussed earlier that the process of manufacturing vaccine is a complicated and time consuming task so the vaccination drive is going in India on the priority basis. Firstly front-line workers and doctors were vaccinated. Then senior citizens and 18+ population is getting vaccinated.
But the thing is that how India is able to vaccinate its people on priority basis and maintain the track record of its vaccination drive…???? The answer to this question is that India has developed an excellent and completely indigenous CoWIN app.

It is very simple to use and has a user-friendly interface. The slots for vaccination drive are updated on a daily basis on it. Users can book their vaccination slots on it. Filters option on the basis of age group is available and if there is more than one vaccine available then users can choose any one of the vaccine as per their interest.


After looking at all these handy features of CoWIN platform, now many other countries are requesting about its source from India. More than 50 countries have already shown their interest in it. Therefore, Indian Government has now decided to make available CoWIN platform as open source application. Now, any country can easily access it without any prior request or any fee. This is a huge step by India to help other countries in this pandemic.

“Despite all our constraints, we have tried to share as much as possible with the world. And we remain eager to learn from global practices. Technology is integral to our fight against covid. Luckily, software is one area in which there are no resource constraints,” PM Modi said.
“That’s why India made its covid tracking and tracing app open source as soon as it was technically feasible. With nearly 200 million users, the ‘Aarogya Setu’ app is a readily available package for developers,” PM said.
“What we have developed is a robust, inclusive and scalable system that can prevent rent-seeking, black marketing and other malpractices. The CoWIN platform can be scaled-up as per requirements,” Harsh Vardhan, Health Minister (India) said.

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