Whether you are in a metro station, airport, railway station, road, highway, bus stop, hospital, shopping mall, market, temple, or even in a social/ religious gathering, we see all these places are overcrowded at any time of the day. This is a clear indication of overpopulation in the country. This is the major issue of , India is facing right now. Food production is limited & population is unlimited , we can say wants are unlimited & resources are limited & population is unlimited hence can be concluded that the reason behind poverty in India is over population.

Some of the common effects of overpopulation are :

  1. Unemployment : Every body knows India’s state of employment , employment rate is decreasing & unemployment rate is increasing . Since their is no employment people are starving , their is no living , literacy rate is also decreasing . This one problem of over population is bringing so many more problems with it .
  2. Manpower utilization: The number of jobless people is on the rise in India due to economic depression and slow business development and expansion activities.
  3. Pressure on infrastructure: Development of infrastructural facilities is unfortunately not keeping pace with the growth of population. The result is lack of transportation, communication, housing, education, healthcare etc. There has been an increase in the number of slums, overcrowded houses, traffic congestion etc.
  4. Resource utilization: resource are already scare , & they are being exploited . Land areas , water , trees are being exploited due to overpopulation .
  5. Inequitable income distribution: In the face of an increasing population, there is an unequal distribution of income and inequalities within the country widen.


Indian government should take bold steps to control overpopulation because if they want to improve economic growth they should control overpopulation . Major steps which have been already implemented but still need to be emphasized more control population. Increasing the welfare and status of women and girls, spread of education, increasing awareness for the use of contraceptives and family planning methods, sex education, encouraging male sterilization and spacing births, free distribution of contraceptives and condoms among the poor, encouraging female empowerment, more health care centers for the poor, to name a few, can play a major role in controlling the population. India’s growth in the whole world cannot be ignored , whether it is in science & technology , medicine , health , communication , entertainment , literature or military . So experts believe that if people of India will follow the strict population control norms , it will be able to overcome this problem too .

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