Indian Rituals

India is known as a cultural country, filled with traditions, religions, rituals, customs, etc. The diversity in the country results in spreading love, unity, and openness among the citizens. Over the years, people have learned to accept each other’s religions and beliefs. Every person in India has his language, religion, traditions, rituals, and beliefs. We all are aware of these traditions and beliefs but, there are some odd rituals too which are practiced in India but unfortunately, we are not aware of it at all.
These rituals are weird but are still practiced in many rural parts of the nation. The people practicing them have a lot of faith in it. These rituals are brutal and it’ll be shocking to know that they exist even today.
These are some of the rituals you should know about.

 • Baby Tossing
Baby Tossing is a very old ritual followed by many in the states of Maharashtra, and Karnataka. In this, a baby is thrown from a height of 30 to 50 feet and the devotees catch the babies with the help of some blankets. This ritual is not at all safe and is also against India’s children’s rights law.

•  Thimithi or Firewalking
Thimithi is a festival celebrated in the state of Tamilnadu, South India. It is believed that walking on a pit of fire will bless the devotees and Goddess Draupadi will grant their wishes.


• Impaling
Impaling includes piercing various body parts with sharp objects such as needles, iron rods, swords, hooks, etc. It is practiced in the southern part of India. It is done for protection against evil and it is also done to bring good luck to the community.


• Female Genital Mutilation
FGM is a procedure that involves partial or total removal of the external female genital organ. So basically the clitoris is the pleasure center of the female body and they just brutally cut the clitoris, not to enjoy the pleasure of having some sort of extra affairs. It’s is strongly believed that if a girl has done is circumcision, she will have no extramarital affairs.FGM (Female Genital Mutilation) is violence against girls and is practiced in countries like the Middle East, Indonesia, some parts of India, and many more countries.

 • Aghori
Aghoris are the followers of Lord Shiva often referred to as the God of Death and Destruction. They believe that everything nature provides can be consumed. They feast on human flesh, drink from skulls, and live among the dead. From Eating flesh to conjuring black magic, they do it all.

It is hard to believe that such rituals are still practiced in India. India is truly filled with mysteries.

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