Input devices:

An input device is used to feed data into a computer. For example, a keyboard is an input device. It is also defined as a device that prob communication between the user and the computer. Input devices are capable of converting data into a form which can be recognized by computer. A computer can have several input devices.


The most common input device in the keyboard. Keyboard consists of a set of typewriter like keys that enable you to enter Dara into a computer. They have alphabetic keys to enter commw,period, semicolon,etc., and special keys to perform some specific functions. The keyboard detects the key pressed and generates the corresponding ASCII codes which can be recognized by by the computer.


Mouse is an input device that controls the movement of the cursor on the display screen. Mouse is a small device, you can roll along a flat surface. In a mouse, a small ball is kept inside and touches the pad through a hole at the bottom of the mouse. When the mouse is moved,the ball rolls. This movement of the ball is converted into signals and sent to the computer. You will need to click thr button at the tip of the mouse to select an option. Mouse pad is pad over which you can move a mouse. Mois very popular in modern computers.


Scanner is an input device that allows the information such as an image or text to be input into a computer. It can read image or text printed on a paper and translate the information into a format that the computer can use.That is, it is used to convert images (photos) and text into a stream of data.They are useful for publishing and multi-media applications.

🌟Bar Code Reader:🌟

The barcode readers are used in places like supermarket, bookshops, etc. A bar code is a pattern printed in lines of different thickness. The bar-code reader scans the information on the bar code and transmits to the computer for further processing. The system gives fast and error-free entry of information into the computer.

🌟Digital Camera:🌟

The digital camera is an input device mainly used to capture images.The digital camera takes a still photograph, stores it and sends it as digital input to the computer. It is a modern and popular input device.

🌟Touch Sensitive Screen:🌟

Touch Sensitive Screen is a type of display screen that has a touch-sensitive panel. It is a pointing device that enables the user to interact with the computer by touching the screen. You can use your fingers to directly touch the objects on the screen. The touch screen senses the touch on the object (area pre-defined) and communicate the object selection to the computer.

🌟Magnetic Ink character Recognition (MICR):🌟

MICR is widely used by banks to process cheques. Human readable numbers are printed on documents such as cheque using a special magnetic ink. The cheque can be read using a special input unit, which can recognize magnetic ink characters.This method eliminates the manual errors.It also saves time, ensures security and accuracy of data.

🌟Optical Character Recognition(OCR):🌟

The OCR technique permits the direct reading of any printed character like MICR but no special ink is required. With OCR,a user can scan a page from a book. The computer will recognize the characters in the page as letters and punctuation marks, and stores. This can be edited using a word processor.

🌟Optical Mark Reading and Recognition(OMR):🌟

In this method special pre-printed forms are designed with boxes which can be marked with a dark pencil or ink. Such documents are read by a reader, which transcribe the marks into electrical pulses which are transmitted to the computer. They are widely used in applications like objective type answer papers evaluation in which large number of candidates appear, time sheets of factory employees etc.

🌟Light Pen:🌟

A light pen is a pointing device shaped like a pen and is connected to a monitor. The tip ofvthevlight pen contains a light-sensitive element which, when placed against the screen, detects the light from the screen enabling the Computer to identify the location of the pen of the screen. Light pens have the advantages of drawing directly onto the screen, but this can become uncomfortable, and they are not accurate.

🌟Magnetic Reader:🌟

Magnetic reader is an input device which reads a magnetic strip onna card. It is handy and data can be stored and retrieved. It also provides quick identification of the card’s owner.

All the credit cards, ATM cards (banks),petro cards,etc. stores datacijna magnetic strip which can be read easily by the magnetic reader.

🌟Smart cards:🌟

This input device stores data in a Microprocessor embedded in the card. This allows information, which can be updated, to be stored on the card. These data can be read and given as input to the computer for further processing. Most of the identification card use this method to store and retrieve the vital information.

🌟Notes Taker:🌟

Notes taker is a device that captures natural handwriting on any surface into a computer. Using an electronic pen, the notes taker displays the user’s handwritten notes, memos or drawing on the computer ,and stores the image for future use.


Microphone serves as a voice input device. It captures the voice data and input to the computer. Using the microphone along with speech recognition software can offer a completely new approach to input information into your computer.

Speech recognition programs, although not yet completely exact have made great strides in accuracy as well as ease of use. The voice-in or speech recognition approach can almost fully replace the keyboard and mouse. Speech recognition can now open the computer world to those who may have been restricted due to a physical handicap. It can also be soon be a boon for those who have never learned to type.

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