Is It Necessary To Leave An Impact In Business?

“If you think you’re too small to have an impact, try going to bed with a mosquito.”

Anita Roddick

When we begin a business, we surely do have a target audience in mind be it local business or a huge global company. Let us consider an example of a local business here, like the sale of school wear which would include children as your target audience in the age group 6 to 14. On the basis of this data, you abide by the norms of a particular school which specifies a dress code which you consider during sales.

However, if your business is concerned with random clothes for children, then you have the freedom to analyze the patterns and designs modern children would prefer. You would understand the current market trends with which today’s children flow. In short, you will try to delve into the psychology of young minds through various mediums be it surveying, interviewing some children in person, or market researching that is checking out your competitors and observing the ways they receive traffic!

Why do you do all this? Perhaps the common answer would be to sell your commodities. But before that, an important step is usually missed out- Impact! We do say that by advertising our services people would purchase our goods but the chain includes another element. Advertising – Impact – Purchase!

There are times when even after advertising their services people aren’t satisfied with the results. That is because your services haven’t left that deep an impact on the audience. With impact comes value. Let us consider our own psychology. When do we really appreciate a service and go for it? Is it just because of its attractive advertisement? No. Only when the service seems beneficial and leaves a positive impact on our minds, do we value it and decide to try it out. That is exactly why, every business tries to prove its genuineness in business so as to leave a good impression on the mob out there!

Leaving an impact means getting into the depths of human psychology and the current market needs. Checking reviews of your competitors and coming up with services which they couldn’t, can create a good influence. So, one can say that uniqueness and impact go hand in hand. However, human psychology as an element is added in the chain. Of course, you can create a unique service but what good is it, if it can’t satisfy one’s desires? A point to remember is that, services leave an impact when more desires of people are met. However, later customer satisfaction too matters, that is the way you treat your customers. That would determine the quality of your services which would be the aftermath. Impact however, is significant in compelling people to approach you through your creative banners all over social media! Impact puts your advertisement to action! Its’ a mini but extremely effective call to action!

Some businesses still work but they receive fewer customers who would be interested, which means that partial psychology has been taken into consideration here. One must usually go for a generalized preference on part of people instead of delving into a portion of it, to gain a good surplus! For instance, a shop selling real gemstones may receive partial response while a shop manufacturing rings with gemstones would definitely appeal to the mob because it adds value and utility to the product.

Limitations and restrictions in services that cover a specific area or gender of the society may not receive that good a response. For instance, a Men’s wear shop will fetch limited customers as opposed to a Unisex clothing shop, won’t it? Absence of limitations or restrictions too leaves a positive impact on the audience.

A Shopping Center is a perfect example of diversity in choices because it offers no restrictions! Various shops sell varied items that grab people’s attention which is the reason malls are always crowded!

Thus, Impact and Value get along well together. They are inseparable and besties forever! When we value something, it definitely has impacted us somewhere in our mind which is forcing us to try that particular service or product out! Thus, the responsibility of a business owner is to arouse this attraction towards a particular service or product in the minds of potential customers by following the given chain:

Consider Human Psychology- Introduce The Service- Effective Advertisement- Leave A Positive Impact (which eventually creates Value)- Have A Successful Sale!

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