Japanese Bullet Trains

The Japanese bullet train, or “ The Shinkansen”, is a type of passenger train which operates on Japan’s high-speed railway network. It is capable of reaching a maximum speed of 320kms per hour and it offers riders an exceptionally unique and efficient travel experience. The railway network is spread across the cities of Akita, Hokuriku, Joetsu, Kyushu, and Yamagata. They offer high speed travel to the destinations of your choice, as well as frequent and punctual departures. Rail passes that include travel on bullet trains will help save a lot of money and time travelling through the cities of Japan. The bullet train max speed can vary from 240 to 320 km/h (150 to 200 mph) which is much faster than in the United States, France, Spain etc.

Most shinkansen trains in Japan offer seats in two classes, which are typically found in separate cars. These classes are the ordinary class and the green car class. Ordinary class seats are the regular seats found on all shinkansen trains. Although the size and foot space of ordinary seats varies between train sets, ordinary seats on shinkansen are generally comfortable and offer a generous amount of foot space. They usually come in rows of 3+2 seats. The Green car class is comparable to business class on airplanes, green cars offer seats that are larger and more comfortable than ordinary seats and offer more foot space. The seats are arranged in rows of 2+2 seats. Green Cars are often less crowded than ordinary cars. Now, the new Gran Class is available on new train sets. It is Comparable to first class on airplanes, Gran Class offers seats that are even more spacious and comfortable than Green Car seats (in rows of 2+1 seats) and additional amenities and services.

The first train was built in 1964 with the inauguration of the Tokaido Shinkansen line for the first Tokyo Olympics. Speed travel in Japan started at least 10 years before the rest of the world. Since then, speed travel continued to evolve by creating new lines and using even more up-to-date technology. Also, there has never been any passenger casualty in more than 50 years. There are over 15 different types of shinkansen trains. Some of them are Komachi, Hayabusa, Hayate, Sakura and Kodama. Riding the bullet train is a very comfortable experience. These amazing high speed trains have wide seats (even in the ordinary class), they don’t need seat belts and you can eat and drink on the train. What makes the shinkansen travel so relaxing is that people keep their voice down and don’t answer the phone while in the shinkansen. The Shinkansen trains are truly a technological marvel of the modern era.

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