Jhansi ki rani ,the one who fought bravely against the rule of British inspired many women all over the world with her bravery and courage .Her father Monopanth Thambe raised her like a warrior. Even though she was born in a Brahmin family, she can fight like a kshatriya since her childhood. she started to think against slavery from the childhood itself .she always wanted to end the rule of British.

She was born on 19 November 1828 in Varanasi . From childhood she was educated at home ,able to read and write , very independent than others of her age .When she was married to Maharaja Gangadar Rao Newalkar ,she got renamed from Manikarnika to Lakshmi Bai .she helped a lot to her husband to defend the Jhansi from the influence of British. she is the best women warrior i have ever heard . Her thoughts makes every Indian women to stand for themselves and other people who are in need.

she gave birth to a boy child in 1851 and named him as Damodar Rao .He was dead due to the backsliders .Later they adopted a boy named Anand Rao and then renamed as Damodar Rao on the day before the maharaja died . Generally, after the death of husband wife needs to shave her head as a ritual . But ,Manikarnika refused to shave her head and decided to take place of her husband to protect the people of her kingdom to not let the name of her husband down. she wanted to end the attrocities of Britishers .She also encouraged many women to become soldiers and trained them to fight .

she asked many villagers to help help her in the fight to take the rule of british over them. she even strenghtened her people with her great skillful ambition. she didn’t hesitate to take her child to the war .she tied her son to her back and fought war like a legend . she never showed her back eventhough they have less weapons and soilders than their opponents. Throughout the life she never headed down and maintained her dignity . she also died like a legend in her young age of 30.

whatever her fault in British eyes may have been ,her countrymen will ever remember that she was driven by ill-treatment into rebellion ,and that she lived and died for her country ,we cannot forget her contribution for India. _ COLONEL MALLESON

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