Journalism of Empathy

Humans often dissociate themselves from animals by immersing themselves in their differences. But sometimes these differences are not consequential and just like us animals also habituate themselves to expressing their emotions. Lions are perceived as the most social animal in wildlife. They live in large groups called “prides” which strengthens their kinship. Cubs stay with their mothers until they learn to live for their survival. Human beings are considered to be social animals, who need love, communication and belongingness to stay alive.  Love and the necessitation of receiving love is a basic and primal being instinct. It is claimed that the strongest instinct in a man is considered to be of survival which is closely accompanied by a drive to protect those he cares about like a shield. Throughout human existence love remains critically important it transforms and evolves through out the course of relationships.

It is strenuous to emphasize what role family plays in my life. They taught me the true meaning of selfless love. My family was my first school who taught me morals and values. They always stood by me when I lost faith in myself. Whenever I was hard to love they always have more love to give without any expectations. The epitome of establishing any relationship is communication and trust which I’ve learnt from my family. They are my strength and my powerful voice. Everything that I am today is solely because of them. I thank my stars to be blessed with what I have. They always made things accessible to me which were far from being mine. There are times when situations are thrown at us and our bond with our families become unstable that is the time when we learn what patience is, holding onto people who matter and not giving up on them irrespective of the scenarios. My true definition of love is defined by my family, where there are no if’s or but’s just giving all, you have for the people that you feel affectionate and loved towards.

Nowadays Receiving real love is a scarce commodity so its value is highlighted and holds immense amount of importance. No matter how far you go in search of peace or your desires the only place you will feel a sense of belongingness and togetherness will be your family- your home. My chosen family which are my friends who are my ultimate source of happiness. These are the people who I have chosen to grow with for the rest of my life. Undoubtedly, they have contributed in molding the person that I am today, made a point to never make me feel alone or defeated. Every friendship goes through a rough patch but it all comes down to accepting each other’s flaws and insecurities and not leaving each other’s sides because that is all that matters when you look back. Valuing the small things in life, being happy without any worries, experiencing first encounters of mid-adulthood are all what friendship signifies for me, it taught me that people can be loved differently.

What makes life worth living is our family and friends. They possess the power to add value into our lives. At the end of the day, when we look back our established relationships which have contributed in building our personalities and in which we have invested our time and efforts become our pride which gives us supreme satisfaction and a purpose to live. They teach us the true meaning of belongingness, love and empathy.

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